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Just getting started? Wondering what this is all about? I have been teaching Manifesting and Law of Attraction for almost 15 years. Let me help you get started!Β 

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0:00 – Intro to this Video & me

01:18 – What is Manifesting?

2:48 – Step One: Find the Clutter in Your Life

6:16 – Limiting Beliefs

9:05 – Step Two: Find Your Vision

12:26 – Five Steps (+1) For Living Your Extraordinary Life

12:51 – Where to Begin – Your first 4 steps:

13:04 – Step #1: You have more control than you realize

13:55 – Step #2: Take a good look into the corners of your life

15:13 – Step #3: What do you REALLY want?

18:06 – Step #4: Raise your vibration

18:54 – Recap

20:50 – What manifesting isn’t

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xo, Laura

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