It’s time to…

Live Your Extraordinary Life

What if you knew you couldn’t fail…?

What if you knew… your success was inevitable?

We ALL have an amazing life in us and we ALL need to be intentional with building it.

After 30+ years of inspiring people to happier and. more satisfying life, I have tapped into the steps we need to take.

Living with intention can make all the difference in the world!

Check out the courses below to find what fits for you!

Laura’s Course Suite

A bevy of ways for you to tap into a more satisfying life.

Link arms with Laura and create the life you KNOW you are destined to live!

MANIFESTING: the academy

Laura’s Signature Program

Welcome to MANIFESTING: The Academy, your ultimate resource for unlocking your Extraordinary Life from start to finish. Experience a complete transformation across every aspect of your life through inspirational coaching, practical tips, yoga, breathwork, visualizations, and the power of essential oils.

MANFESTING: The Academy is Laura’s signature program, presenting the 5 Steps (+1) for Living Your Extraordinary Life. You explore only one step for a month, so you have time to integrate the concepts into your life.

hacking happiness

A 5-Day Exploration

Making happiness an inside job.

Just give me 5 days…

This course forms the cornerstone of my coaching practice, offering the 3 essential steps for transitioning into a profoundly fulfilling life. These steps are straightforward, accompanied by practical tips to help you kick-start your journey!

Radical Self-Care Tool Kit

Raise your vibration, feel better & love your life more!

formerly: #UpYourVibe

Self-care is the crucial first step to your next step, no matter what it is. Self-care is the fuel that gives you the energy to change your life.

But why radical?

Because we create a system of self-care that you do whether you think you need it or not.

That’s radical!

Planning My BEST YEAR (so far)

(Formerly Resolutions Camp)

What do you want to say about your life one year from today?

Want to step into an awesome life? The one you know you are capable of, you dream about it, but year after year goes by and nothing.

During the 3 sessions, you will uncover the:

Why + What + How

of truly succeeding in goal setting so you can manifest the life of your dreams!

Powering Up Your Affirmations

The Stand Tall Challenge


Fear is just excitement without the breath

Here’s the thing, fear and excitement have the same physiological effect on the body: butterflies in the stomach, sweating, heart beating faster, mind racing.

BUT when we are experiencing fear, we shrink our energy – excitement expands it.

So what if… we could expand our energy on purpose?!

We totally can!

And that’s what you will learn in the 5-Day Stand Tall Challenge!

Yoga Content

The Complete Beginner Yoga Series

Ready to really learn Yoga, as in from the very beginning?

Laura has taught Yoga for over 30 years and specializes in teaching beginners. Learning how to do the poses will help you protect your body from injury and you will get so much nore out of it.

Enjoy a whole bevy of bonuses, too!

The Meditation Course

Restorative Yoga Tutorial
Video Classes