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Ready to Ignite Your Life? To find that EXTRAORDINARY LIFE you know you have deep inside? Welcome to Inspirational Life Coaching with author, inspirational speaker and experienced Life Coach, Laura Erdman-Luntz. Laura brings 30 years of coaching experience to her podcast, sharing knowledge and time-tested techniques that have helped hundreds of clients live more satisfying lives. If you are ready to step into YOUR Extraordinary Life, that life that is deeply fulfilling, full of purpose and vibrantly joyful for you, then let’s get started!

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#39: Vibration 101 & How to Use It to Feel GREAT!

Vibration” is a powerful tool to tap into to help ourselves feel better. It’s so amazing! Listen in and also check out episode #40 for a quick tip on how to tap into your Vibration to help yourselv feel better quickly.


#38: New Year’s Resolutions Aren’t For Fixing What’s Wrong

Number one mistake people make with resolutions: They focus on what they don’t like about their lives and set their resolutions around fixing that thing.

Resolutions aren’t for fixing what’s wrong with your life

So what ARE resolutions for?

That’s what we are discussing in this episode – and it will make you so much more excited about resolutions! In fact, if you have given up on them, you will be back!


#37: Why Self-Care is the Crucial FIRST to Your NEXT Step in Manifesting

Need a strong next step?

Whether you are feeling stuck or ready for your next big manifesting leap, self care is where to begin!

In this episode, Laura explores 3 reasons why not matter where you are struggling in your manifesting journey, self-care is a great place to start!


#36: 3 Tips to Maximize Decision Making Energy

We make decisions all day long – from what to wear to what to eat to whether to get up early to exercise.

And, yes, those are the little ones, but they can then make the big ones much harder.

In this episode, I share 3 ways to maximize the energy you have for making decisions – did you know it was limited? So that you can have MORE energy for the bigger decisions.


#35: 7 Habits to Help You Open Your Mind

Opening our minds is a powerful tool for transformation – and happiness.
Here are 7 habits you can incorporate into your life to help you expand your mind and raise your consciousness.


#34: Simple Description of “Consciousness”

“Consciousness” is one of those words that conjures up images of “woo woo-ness”. Giggle. You know what I mean.
BUT the concept is crucial to our own personal growth.
In this episode I share a REALLY easy way to think about consciousness.
Join me in episode #35 when I share 6 ways to increase your consciousness. It’s so good!


#33: Life Coaching Quick Tip: When You Promise Yourself You’ll Do Something “Everyday”

This week’s Life Coaching Quick Tip just might be a game changer…
It’s a quick listen. Enjoy!


#32: 3 Steps To Make Sure You Don’t GIVE UP on Your Goals/Resolutions

It’s the second week of January. According to one study, about 86% of all New Year’s Resolutions have already been forgotten.


So what can you do to make sure you don’t forget yours?

In this episode, I share a really important tip everyone needs to use – and it will surprise you!


#31: Best Practices for New Year’s Resolutions

I asked you what your questions were around New Year’s Resolutions. I received a TON of questions and I found most questions came down to 4 things…then I added a 5th that is crucial

Be sure to check out all the episodes I have done on resolutions (yep, I LOVE them!)

  • #5: Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work…and How They Can
  • #6: 6 Steps to Setting New Year’s Resolutions from the Heart
  • #30: Resolutions – So Much More Than You Think
  • #31: Best Practices for New Year’s Resolutions

And, when January comes around…and your excitement has waned, check this one out:
#7: New Year’s Resolutions: Keep. Going. Pep Talk

#30: Resolutions – So Much More Than You Think

Whether you are pro New Year’s Resolutions are not, there is another important purpose of them to consider…and it can make all the difference.


#29: Tips for Strategic Radical Self-Care – Let’s Get Started!

Ready to take your self-care to the next level? How about making it RADICAL? In this episode, I share what that means and where you can begin. Enjoy!


#28: A Powerful Quote that Changed How I Fill My Time

In this episode, I share how a quote I heard a few months ago that has had me thinking ever since — and reallocating how I spend my time!
I hope it helps you, too!


#27: QuickTip: Best Gratitude Practice Ever!

My husband and I began this practice when our kids were little. We wanted them to go to sleep with gratitude on their hearts.
We now do it regularly for ourselves as we crawl into bed at night. It’s a great way to reconnect and go to sleep with gratitude on our hearts. 🙂


#26: My Adult ADHD Diagnosis – Taking Meds as a Natural Living Expert

A slightly different episode for me. AND it’s definitely part of Living MY Extraordinary Life – and it might be your story, too.
I was recently diagnosed with ADHD and I wanted to share my story – why I wasn’t diagnosed until I was 52 years old, what I have done to help myself the past 52 years to focus AND why I chose medication even as a natural living expert. It seems like you either use meds OR natural living meds. Let me share my story.


#25 – The Power of a Wellness Challenge to Change a Habit

Challenges – we see them everywhere. 3-day, 7-day, 30-day, for losing weight, drinking more water, eating a Whole30 diet, saying your affirmations, meditating and so much more.

Frankly, I LOVE them and have been leading people in wellness challenges for more than a decade – yep, before they were popular!

I even created an entire FB group to do them with other women.

In this podcast I share why Challenges are a fantastic tool to help you create change in your life and it’s all about how your brain works. Oh, yes, there is science to challenges!


#23: Tangible Tips to Increase Your Energy – Part II

Ready for some tangible tips to improve your energy levels? In today’s Episode – Part 2 for improving your energy, I am sharing specific tips to improve energy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

#23: Tangible Tips to Increase Your Energy – Part II

Ready for some tangible tips to improve your energy levels? In today’s Episode – Part 2 for improving your energy, I am sharing specific tips to improve energy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

#22: How to Increase Your Energy – Part I

Ready for more energy? And I mean your literal energy – having enough energy to get through the day without fatigue.
It is so crucial to have energy – so you can do the things you want to do in life. In this two-part series, I share ALL ABOUT our energy.
In this episode, learn about the 3 premises about our energy that you might not know…or have thought about.

#21: It’s OK to Desire – In Fact, It’s Necessary!

You are in for a TREAT!
Ever felt guilty or embarrassed by something you want? Felt like you “should” be content with what you have?
You are in for a TREAT! In this episode, I share something everyone needs to know about DESIRE!

#20: The ONE Habit that Can Change it All!

The ONE Habit that Can Change it all!


I hope so!

#19: 3 Fundamentals for a Truly Happy Life

Yes, we can narrow it down to 3 Fundamental Steps and I do so in this podcast.

#18: SUPER EASY Way to Teach Yourself How to FEEL BETTER in a Moment + #18a Quick Tip (taking it further!)

No, really, super easy.

In fact, there is a GOOD CHANCE you will roll your eyes. 🙂

Try it. Do it with a friend. Come join us in the Facebook group (Ignite Your Life with MuseLaura) – we are going to do it together.


Be sure to listen to the Quick Tip follow up episode to take it even FURTHER!

#17: 6 Steps for Creating a Morning Routine that Rocks Your Day

Are you ready to change the trajectory of your day? Morning routines can literally make or break your day.

BUT everyone needs something a bit different. Join me today as we break down how to create the morning routine that will actually set your day off on the right foot!

To help you, I created a worksheet to go with today’s episode. Go to the show notes to find the link to download.


#16: 4 Steps for Creating Your Own Supportive Bedtime Routine

When you are working on bringing more intentionality into your life, one of the first places I recommend making changes is your morning routine.. Setting the tone right away can literally make or break a day.BUT a good morning starts with an evening that allows you to wake in the morning with energy.

In this episode, I am beginning a two-part series that will look at bookending our days with intention.

This episode will cover bedtime and we will look at morning routines in episode #17.

#15: The Myths & Truths Around Stress

YEP, there is much we do not fully realize with stress.

Now that we are on the TENTH month of pandemic stress, let’s talk about what we need to be doing to protect our bodies from the dangers of stress.

Believe me, it can suppress your immune system which makes everything worse!!

#14: 7 Tips for Working from Home

I have worked from home for the past 15 years, alongside my husband and small kiddos. As we continue our handling of the pandemic and many are still working from home, I thought I would share a few tips I have used over the past decade plus that have helped me.

#13: 7 Tips for Handling Extreme Stress | The Power of Grounding

It is a super crazy time right now and stress is high. I want to share with you some really easy tips for helping you handle the craziness with a bit more ease and grace.
Grounding is a powerful tool to have in your self-care tool kit!

#12.5: BONUS: Rocking the Immune System

I know it is a scary time but there is much you can do to support your family’s and your body to make sure you stay healthy OR, if you get sick, you recover more quickly.
In this BONUS show, I outline 8 tips to help you have a rockin’ immunity!

#12: The Power of Decluttering

Need to declutter? Probably. Everyone needs it sometimes.
In this episode, I share why decluttering is a powerful process for personal transformation AND how you can begin the decluttering process.

#10: How to Stop Settling for “Good Enough”

Here’s the thing…we all do it.

At least in some area of our life.

We ALL settle for “good enough” in some places in our lives. In this episode, we are going to explore what “good enough” looks like, why we put up with “Good Enough” THEN we will talk first steps to making sure we don’t still have only “good enough” five years from today!

If you aren’t feeling inspired enough after this episode, be sure to check Episode #9!

#9: The MOST Powerful & Inspirational Visualization EVER

Really. I’m telling you, this will knock your socks off.
If you are feeling stuck, like you just aren’t inspired to take one more aciton toward your dream, listen in.
AND, you can grab your OWN copy of this recording to download for yourself (it is barely 5 min and it will make ALL the difference!)
Click on the show notes and enjoy!

#8: Do You Need Life Coaching) And the First Few Steps…) 

One of the most common questions I receive is what is a life coach? Variations of that question are: How do I know if I need a life coach? What will you do with me if I hire you?
In this episode, we are going to tackle those questions and take you through the first few steps I take my clients through so you can have some tangible things to work on..
I am hoping it is an “everything you ever wanted to know, but didn’t think to ask!” Kind of podcast, but if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.

#7: New Year’s Resolutions: Keep. Going. Pep Talk 

So how are the resolutions going? 
We are now into January — are you still working on them?
In this episode, I offer 4 tangible tips to getting you going again – or to keep you going if your inspiration is waning! (This works with ANY goal you are working on!)
I share these 4 tips in a blog post as well as help you take them to your yoga mat and share essential oils to help you cultivate your sticktuitiveness!
Link: LauraErdmanLuntz.com/KeepGoing.

#6: 6 Steps to Setting New Year’s Resolutions from the Heart 

If you listened to episode #5, you know all about why your New Year’s Resolutions might not be working and how they can.

In this episode, I take you through a 6-step process for setting your resolutions from a deeper, more transformative place.

If you are ready, I am!

Be sure to download the freebie for this episode: New Year’s Resolution Tracker. The tracker will take you through a process for setting resolutions (and I will be taking you through it in the next episode) AND there is room to track 5 years of resolutions – so you can assess each year.  (Found in Show Notes!)

#5: Why New Year’s Don’t Work…and How They Can 

Here’s the thing, if you are listening to this podcast, you are someone who wants change in her life. If you want change in your life, you need to decide what you want and work toward it.

That’s a resolution.
The new year is a powerful time to make changes in your life. Why do so many fail?
In this episode, I will share with you why New Year’s Resolutions don’t work and how they can! All of the points I make can be applied any time you set new goals for yourself!
Be sure to download the freebie for this episode: New Year’s Resolution Tracker. The tracker will take you through a process for setting resolutions (and I will be taking you through it in the next episode) AND there is room to track 5 years of resolutions – so you can assess each year. (Found in Show Notes!)

#4: Self-Care Especially During the Holidays 

I think it is time to talk SELF-CARE.  It’s a Hot topic. So much so it’s almost overused.

But here’s the thing: We need to talk about it because so few people are actually doing enought of it. Ahem…me, for example, and I know better!

So in today’s episode, we are going to talk about WHAT self-care is, WHY we need to have plenty of it in our lives (and you are going to love this!) AND HOW to do it really well.

I will also be sharing with you a few tips on how to create a self-care plan for yourself.

But not just ANY self-care, we are talking EXTREME self-care today! Intrigued? I hope so!


#3: What do you Really, Really, Really, REALLY Want?:

Soooo…what do you really, really, really, REALLY want? Do you know?

In this show, Laura shares with you four specific exercises you can do to tap into your inner desires. (It’s probably closer than you think!)

AND enjoy the download for a workbook to help!: LauraErdmanLuntz.com/Podcast. Scroll down to show #3!

This week: The power of antioxidants and Young Living’s Ningxia Red drink. Want to order it? You can order a Young Living starter kit with Ningxia Red!

#2: Gratitude…the most important shift you can ever make!:

In this episode, we are talking gratitude.
In episode #1, I talked about the 2 things you need to live a truly satisfying life. And when I say “satisfying”, where I am really going is truly Extraordinary. You know, the kind of life that lets you look back on it, with a wry smile, and be able to say with genuine feeling, “That was a life well lived.”
The first thing you need, and order is important, is gratitude. In fact, we need to fall madly in love with the life we are already living.
Yep, you heard me. In love, warts and all.
Does that sound hard? It doesn’t have to be!
In today’s episode, we are going to look at many sides of gratitude and share a few perspectives that I bet you haven’t considered.

#1: Two Things You Need to Live a Truly Satisfying Life:

So excited to share with you all about living a TRULY SATISFYING LIFE!
It’s time, don’t you think? If you want to make changes in your life, you might as well make them EXTRAORDINARY! Not just “good enough” or the “best I can hope for.” It’s all about finding your EXTRAORDINARY LIFE, that life that is deeply fulfilling, full of purpose and vibrantly joyful for YOU! In this show, I define what Living an Extraordinary Life is, dispel two myths AND share what the two things you need are!

Laura Erdman-Luntz

Laura Erdman-Luntz

Inspired Living Guru

Inspiring Life Coach + Yoga Educator

Let Laura inspire you to step into YOUR Extraordinary Life! Enjoy the life you are already living AND feel the excitement about the Big Dream that you are creating!

Laura uniquely blends her Life Coaching knowledge and vast experience with Yoga to create programs, classes and workshops that truly do bring mind and body together for positive change, inspiring people to live their most authentic life.