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Laura Erdman-Luntz


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“We were so thrilled with the comments about Achieving a Healthy Balance.  You got RAVE reviews and the committee was just elated!!”
~ Kris James, event planner


Ready to live your Extraordinary Life? Let Laura inspire you and your group to your own unique greatness.  She speaks on several topics related to living up to your full capabilities, creating a life you dream of living, and awakening to the joy within you.

Laura’s presentations are known to be down-to-earth and practical.  She shares the “whys” of every step so people understand the point.  Participants leave not only with new ideas, but also a strategic plan for moving their lives forward.

Laura’s talks can be tweaked to fit the specific needs of your group.

Contact Laura directly (Laura[at] about engagements.

Printable speaking brochure for Laura:  Inspirational Speaking with Laura Erdman-Luntz.


Laura Erdman-Luntz, Life CoachThank you so much for sharing your light with us this evening.  Your presence and words reinforced why I asked you to speak for us because you are an inspiration – a true muse. Thank you so much for the gift of you!”  ~ Gayle Quedens, International Association of Administrative Professionals, South Suburban Chapter



Inspirational Speaking Topics

Laura is currently speaking on four different topics.  She can also cater to your groups special needs.  Discuss your needs directly with her:

Stress Management 101

Feeling stressed?  Most of us do.  Ready to take a bit of control back in how you feel?  Join us for a powerful session on learning how to truly relax so you can be more productive and feel better.  (Relaxation may not be what you think.)

Managing Your Energy

What if there was a way to manage your energy to get more done during the day and still feel you have some energy left when you go home?  Time management is dead — we all have way to much to get done — what we need is Energy Management.

Awaken to Joy

Awaken to Joy | Life Coaching with MuseLauraDiscover joy in the life you are already living!  Join Laura as she speaks and/or leads a discussion on topics covered in her book, Awaken to Joy. She will share ways to help you move beyond the ordinary to bring greater peace into your life, creating more open and loving relationships with your friends and family, findng harmony with your co-workers and joy in your work, and bringing more patience, love, and compassion to your relationship with your spouse and children. (1-2 hour talk, depending on discussion)


From Motivation to Inspiration: Letting Go of the Need for Will-Power Forever

Tired of feeling “unmotivated” to do something different in  your life?  Whether you want to lose weight, find a great relationship, take your business to the next level, or create meaningful work, moving from a state of motivation to one of inspiration will make taking action steps easier and more joyful.  Wouldn’t it be fabulous to never need will-power again? (This talk can be combined with the Living Your Extraordinary Life talk.)  (1 hour talk.  Taught as a live talk or teleclass.)

Living Your Extraordinary Life

What does it mean to live an extraordinary life? To live on purpose with joy, vibrancy, and inspiration?  Join Laura as she discusses the signs of an Extraordinary Life and how YOU can begin living it today.  (1-2 hour talk.  Taught as a live talk or teleclass.)


“Laura was a speaker for our annual women’s event. She was absolutely wonderful to work with. Her messages are inspiring, thought provoking and insightful. They revealed what a deeply caring person she is. Her commitment to making our event a success was outstanding.:

~ Jan Held, Ridgeview Foundation Business & Event Coordinator

Speaking Topics on Yoga

Laura is also an experienced Yoga Educator with almost 25 years experience teaching Yoga and training Yoga Teachers.

Check out all the Yoga workshops Laura teaches!  She is continuously developing new workshops as well so contact her directly for more information.


“I have received so many wonderful comments and compliments on you and your talk!!  Thanks again for the wonderful hour of teaching, inspiration and fun you provided.”
~ Jackie Aldritt, Midwest Medical Insurance Company