Private Yoga Sessions

Laura Erdman-Luntz, private yoga classes, private online classes, skype, yoga skype, private yoga skype, private yoga session laura erdman-luntz, private yoga sessions muselauraDesire personal attention?  Have questions you need answered?  Want advice for your home practice?  Contact Laura directly to schedule a time.

Private Yoga Sessions with Laura  |  $150 per hour
Join Laura for one-on-one yoga sessions.  She offers them in-person (in the Twin Cities. Must be within 15 min driving distance.  If longer, discuss with Laura) and through her online studio.

Personalized Downloadable Video  |  $8 per minute (average 45 min)
Laura will create a personalized yoga session for you based on your needs.  (You will be able to download the video from Laura’s online studio.)  You will begin with up to a 30-min phone consult with Laura so she can create the perfect yoga session for you and your needs. Back issues? Shoulder pain? Maybe you are ready to build more self-confidence or learn to surrender. Need to let go of something? All can be worked on on your yoga mat.  Contact Laura directly to schedule.