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Here are the Ways You Can Study Yoga with Me

I teach LIVE classes via Zoom and a few ways you can enjoy some videos.

Scroll through to find all the ways we can spend time together!

Zoom Yoga with Laura

Online, Zoom Yoga


  • Bedtime Yoga | Thursdays | 8:30-9:15pm c: Join me for a relaxation + meditation-focused class. We literally do the class in our beds in pjs, if you want. Stretch, breathe, meditate your way into an amazing night of sleep. (This classes is enhanced with essential oils but they are not required.)
  • Hatha Yoga | Saturdays | 10-11am  c: A more vigorous class, enjoy a lovely wake up for your Saturday! (This class meets most Saturdays – unless I’m out of town! 🙂 )
  • Chair Yoga | Tuesdays & Thursdays | 3:30-4pm  c: A gentle class for a little stretch in the middle of your day. We do seated poses and some standing, using the chair for balance, if necessary.


Enjoy a monthly Restorative Yoga class. Dubbed the “bubble bath” of Yoga classes, this class takes your relaxation to the deepest level. We combine breathing, meditation, long-held poses with blanket support to help you relax your nervous system. 

We also use essential oils, but they are not a requirement. If you have them, bring a grounding oil to class. (You can check out my faves and order them for yourself here. You don’t need all – ask me if you want to pick the right one! I also added a diffuser, if you want one.)

 Class is normally the 2nd Friday of the month from 7:30-9pm c, but check in with me for dates. ($20) 

Bring 2-3 firm blankets and an eyebag (if you have it). I recommend you prepare for class with a hot bath and then darken the room you are in, light a salt lamp, get your diffuser going, whatever is most relaxing. You can also add music to your room and simply mute your microphone.



Choose the class you want to attend and purchase one-time sessions or packages. Purchase a 5-class pass for one free class. Packages don’t expire.  Send money via Paypal: Inspiration [at] muselan [dot] com OR Venmo: [at] Laura-Erdman-Luntz and I will send you the link.

30 min: $7/class or 5-class pass ($28)

45 min: $10/class or 5-class pass ($40)

60 min: $15/class or 5-class pass ($60)

Zoom Yoga with Laura

Have You Studied with Me in the Past?

 I have two, online, classes I reserve for former students. If you studied with me at the Center for Healthy Living or the Preserve or you came with me on any of my retreats, you are welcome to these private classes.

Continuing Hatha Yoga: Tuesdays, 5:30-6:45pm c

Advanced Hatha Yoga: Wednesday, 5:30-7pm c

The last Wednesday of the month, the Advanced class is always Restorative Yoga and any former students (regardless of skill level) are welcome to join.

Contact me directly for more information on how to join any of these classes: LauraErdmanLuntz [at] gmail [dot] com.

Learn Yoga with Laura

Learn Yoga Online – Beginner Yoga Video Series

Ready to learn Yoga? And I mean, from the very beginning? In this series of 12 videos, I lead you through my beginner series, teaching you the basics to give you a strong foundation. 

Learn more: Complete Beginner Yoga Series

Learn Yoga with Laura

Yoga Workshops via Video

The Lower Back Workshop ($7): This series includes 2 videos: One teaches more about lower back pain, causes, and ways to help yourself and the other is a quick series for you to do anytime your back is feeling tight.

More coming soon!