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What do I do? Well, so many things! But it all comes down to helping you feel excited about life, about where you are and where you are going. I’m here to make your every day fun and to help you dream BIG to take the next step in your life. I do this through programs, books, e-books, e-courses, workshops webinars and so much more! With 25+ years experience teaching yoga and Life Coaching, well, I have a lot to work with!

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  • Complete Beginner Yoga Series: If you are interested in learning yoga with me, you have GOT to check out this series! It’s my pride and joy! I set a goal to help 50 people get started by the end of May AND am planning a fun summer of extras for y’all!
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  • Essential Oils: Yep, they are amazing and such an easy tool to add to your Feel Good practice! I use them every day AND add them to much of the work I do with you.
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