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Extraordinary Life | N |:

That life that is deeply fulfilling, full of purpose and vibrantly joyful for you.

An Extraordinary Life includes both the Little Things and the Big Dream:

  • Little Things: Feeling gratitude for your day-to-day life and making each day special.
  • Big Dream: Having that big dream out in your life that gets you so excited it makes you step out of your comfort zone and stretch yourself.

Who is MuseLaura?

Round Laura

My name is Laura Erdman-Luntz and I am a Life Coach + Yoga Educator + Essential Oils Aficionado.

What do I do? Well, so many things! But it all comes down to helping you feel excited about life, about where you are already and where you are going. I’m here to make your every day fun and to help you dream BIG to take the next step in your life.

Enjoying the life we have and stepping into an even greater life takes change. We need to see our lives in a new light, learn how to dream big and discover the steps that will get us where we want to be. As multi-faceted beings, we can work on all levels to help us transition into this change with more joy and ease. We aren’t just our bodies, our minds, our emotions, our energy bodies, we are all of them interwoven in a beautiful tapestry.

I have been a Life Coach and Yoga Educator for over 25 years. For years I have used both of these arts simultaneously in my work. Life Coaching concepts helps us shift our beliefs, yoga helps us feel stronger in our bodies and I also use essential oils which help us shift our energy, too.

On this website you’ll find all sorts of ideas and tips using coaching, yoga AND essential oils.

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Are you ready to test drive a session? Consider stepping into an initial, inspirational session with me. (Sometimes one session is all you need…)

An example of what you’ll find on the blog:

Life Coaching Tips:

A Coaching Moment: Radical Self-Care

Radical Self-Care Time to take better care of yourself? How about taking Radical Careof yourself? Here is a Live Stream I did introducing the concept of Radical Self-Care just before we began the #30DaysOfSelfCare series. May it inspire you to...
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#MondayMorningMusing: Don’t Underestimate the Power of One Small Change

We are a culture of sweeping gestures. It's go big or go home. But dramatic changes are hard so sustain. (You know that the average life span of a New Year's Resolution is TWO DAYS?!) But sometimes it's just a little change that can make all the difference. One small...
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A Coaching Moment: Make Today Special

What can you do today to make this day Here's a challenge for you: Consciously and intentionally choose something you can do today to make this day special for you...or someone else. Remember: it doesn't have to be EPIC, it just has to be intentional. Meaning, you...
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A Coaching Moment: Resistance is Futile

Sigh…resistance. My dictionary defines it as “hostility to, refusal to accept, opposition, fight, stand, struggle”. Resistance is our own, personal “fight” against change in our lives and it shows up as mind games that give us “excuses” for not stepping out of our comfort zone, to keep us in our “safe”, little box.

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Monday Morning Musing: It’s time to dream…

Click to Tweet: "MUSE UPON THIS: It's time to dream..." #Resolutions   It's New Year's Resolutions time!! I'm so excited for the new year!! It seemed like the perfect time to restart the musings. Let's start getting ready for it with this week's musing. If you...
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Essential Oils Tips:

FLASH SALE: End of Year Promotion for Young Living

Let's get you going! I am so excited about the new year and all I have planned. I so hope you decide to be a part of it! If you have been intrigued by these amazing products, toyed with joining, or are just ready to learn more, now is the time! To celebrate the end of...
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Essential Oils: It is time to get started!

Curious? My Cyber Monday fun begins TODAY! If you have been curious about the oils but haven't stepped into it yet, now is the time!   You will receive a bunch of goodies - a gift from me - if you sign up by Monday, Nov. 28! (While supplies last!)  ...
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Cyber Monday…from me to you

As you know, I love this time of year! The holidays have a certain level of excitement about them and the New Year...well, I think you know how I feel about the new year. Fresh starts are the BEST!   So, with that in mind, I am excited to offer you THREE Black...
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#LifeHacks: More Energy & Focus, Anyone?

Need energy and focus? When I ask people what would make the biggest difference in their enjoyment of life, energy and focus hits the top of the list. We are tired, stressed-out, pulled in a thousand directions, surrounded by electronics that give off electro-magnetic...
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Get started with Essential Oils & Earn a FREE bottle of Cedarwood!

Ready to get started with these amazing products? You know I don't talk about products much. It's only when I truly believe in something that I will put it out there for you. I believe in personal growth. I believe in Yoga. I believe in Young Living. Really. The more...
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Yoga Tips:

A Yoga & Life Coaching Moment: Is it time to leap?

I have a few students who are my "perennial" beginners or intermediate yoga students. Many have been in the same level for years. Some occasionally ask if they "should" move up to a higher level. My response is always the same, "Do you enjoy where you are? Is it still...
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A Yoga Break: Connect with your breath

Need a Yoga Break? Silly question, of course you do! We all need one periodically. Here is a quickie for you to help you connect with your breath and relax. (Yes, breathing is Yoga!)
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Yoga Break: Relax Your Shoulders

#YogaBreak: Let's relax those shoulders! You can do this anywhere -- even sitting at your desk. Enjoy it as a gift from me.
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The Best Advice I Ever Received as a Yogi

Ever hear something and it goes straight to your heart? You know the message was meant for you and it sticks with you? Yeah, me, too. A few weeks ago, I asked a few of my yoga peeps to share with us what their golden messages were. Here is my answer to the question:...
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A Thought: Yoga Poses with Ease

  "Briefly, the posture is to be 'firmly established in a happy space.' " ~ Gérard Blitz This quote is a translation of one of the yoga sutras.  Intriguing thought, isn't it?  Is it how you would describe your poses?  How can we practice this concept in our yoga?  How...
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#FeelGoodFriday: We have more in common than we think…

This video warms my heart. I once heard the Dalai Lama speak about how he connects with people. He said he is always looking for what he has in common with the person in front of him. Use this video to inspire you. Need more Feel Good...
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#FeelGoodFriday: How do YOU react when someone tells you you are beautiful?

I love this video! When I first watched it long ago, it made me realize how uncomfortable i was when being told I was beautiful. I knew it was something to work on. How do YOU react when someone says you are beautiful?
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Today's #FeelGoodFriday #FeelGoodMoment is dedicated to my son. My Little Dude is now 13 and we have a very special bond that I treasure. Today we are going on a Date Day. We do these periodically but today is extra special. We are going out for the entire day and it...
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#FeelGoodFriday: Kindness travels farther than you think

One of my favorite #FeelGoodMoments of all time. What I like about this one is the kindness that was shared effected the person watching who passed it on. Yep, kindness is a powerful thing!
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#FeelGoodMoment: Answering an age-old question

This video was both beautiful (I love gorgeous scenes of people doing yoga) AND hysterical for me. A two-fer for your Friday! 🙂
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