Just Say Yes Bracelet

The Universe brings us crazy awesome stuff all the time and without even noticing we push it away.  You have to say yes, y’all!

This bracelet is my “You have to say yes” bracelet.  I actually call it by that name and wear it when I feel myself shying away from something big.  Let me tell you the story:


The “You Have to Say Yes” Bracelet:

In 2012, I was leading a retreat in Mexico. On our last day, I was walking on the beach with a student.  We were reflecting on how much we had enjoyed our week and how incredibly complete we felt.  I said the only thing I hadn’t done, and wanted to do, was drink coconut milk from a fresh coconut and buy a silver bracelet for myself and my daughter.  My student mentioned she had wanted to do those things, too, so we went off to hunt for the coconut vendor.  We noticed the vendor wasn’t selling coconuts where he had been the day before and we shrugged and thought it wasn’t meant to be.  We kept walking, enjoying the day, and just as we were about to turn around, we saw him and laughed because our “prayer had been answered”.

We sat down to drink our yumminess and a silver vendor came up to us.  Out of habit (and fear), we shooed him away with a “No, gracias”.  Then, after the third or fourth shooing, it occurred to me, “OMG, I am shooing away what I asked for!”  I called him back, shopped with excitement and got a great deal on a bracelet for me (photo) and one for my soon to be 12 year old daughter, which he sized for her right there.

Upon reflection, I realized one of my fears was buying it from a street vendor.  Street vendors are “cheats” and you can’t trust them. Blah, blah, blah.  My main fear was feeling I did not deserve it.  It was a bit of a splurge.  But in my moment of clarity, I felt “YES! I deserve this!!” and called the vendor back.


Pay Attention:

We do the same thing again and again!  Pay attention to how you accept a compliment.  Do you fully enjoy it and receive it graciously?  Or do you push it away with a “Oh, it was nothing”.  How do you feel when you receive a gift without one to reciprocate?  Do you feel you owe the person or do you fully receive it with love and enjoy it fully?  Pay attention, you just might be surprised that you, too, push things away.

Pay attention to how you are with new experiences, new ideas, new opinions.  We push those away, too.

If you aren’t ready to say yes, that is okay, just own it and know you will get another chance.