#2: Gratitude…the most important shift you can ever make! 

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In this episode, we are talking gratitude.
In episode #1, I talked about the 2 things you need to live a truly satisfying life. And when I say “satisfying”, where I am really going is truly Extraordinary. You know, the kind of life that lets you look back on it, with a wry smile, and be able to say with genuine feeling, “That was a life well lived.”
The first thing you need, and order is important, is gratitude. In fact, we need to fall madly in love with the life we are already living.
Yep, you heard me. In love, warts and all.
Does that sound hard? It doesn’t have to be!
In today’s episode, we are going to look at many sides of gratitude and share a few perspectives that I bet you haven’t considered.
Books I mention: Awaken to Joy
The Magic by Rhonda Byrne.


In each show, I will be sharing a wellness tip or trick you can add into your life to help you feel better and more energized.
This week: Tongue Scraping…I know…eeewww…but you will LOVE this!
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