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Foot massage is such a great calming, grounding, relaxation technique and I do them all the time with my students.

I love a good foot massage and do one many evenings with the oils I mention in the video.

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RECIPES FOR FOOT MASSAGE OILS: For each, use a 1 oz dropper bottle and a carrier oil, any vegetable oil. My favorite is avocado oil. The oils I use are Young Living Essential Oils. You can learn more about why I use those and only those here:

–> RELAX: 10 drops of Young Living Sacred Mountain (the most grounding oil I know) and/or Valor*

–> SLEEP: 10 drops of Young Living Lavender* and/or Peace & Calming*

–> FOOT FATIGUE: 10 drops of Young Living Copaiba* and/or Panaway*

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* Indicates oils found in Young Living’s Starter Bundle, which you can also find in the link.

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xo, Laura


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