Joy Division Intersection

(I am beginning a series on Client Questions.  I receive questions from clients regularly and realized that you might have the same question as well.  Feel free to send me your own questions! Click here for the form.)

My next action step has, for some reason, been really tough. I know what I want, but it seems like I am holding myself back and it also feels like I am a little stuck ~ not sure where to go next, or what the next step is.

(Side Note:  This client has been working actively toward creating the life of her dreams for a few months.  She has taken many actions steps — even ones that have been quite scary.  While my answer was with her in mind, it can apply to any action step you are feeling stuck around — even if it is simply taking your first step!)

>When we feel stuck around an action step, it is usually due to one or more of the following:

  • You have begun to feel “too good” and have reached your joy celling.
  • You are feeling “too bad” and your vibe is too low to take an action.
  • You are more of a “dreamer” and taking real action steps that take you forward are hard to figure out.
  • The step is too big and needs to be broken down.
  • You aren’t truly believing in your dream.
Regardless of WHAT your reason is, the way through it is the same:
  • Step One: Return to your Just Feel Good practice.  Do whatever you need to do to help yourself feel good on a deep, soul-nourishing level.
  • Step Two: Revisit what and why you want what you want.  Is it a feeling you are craving? A way of living? A way of being?  Remember why you are desiring change and let that desire inspire you.  Do you have a Vision Board?  Spend time standing in front of it.  Don’t have one yet?  It is time to create it!  (Note: A Vision Board is a visual representation of what you want to create.)
  • Step Three: Work on your limiting beliefs.  Do you truly believe what you want is possible?
  • Step Four: Set aside quiet time, it doesn’t have to be much (ahem…15 min a week :-)) to figure out true action steps (not busy work) to move your dream forward.  If you need to break down your action steps to make them less scary, here’s the time to do it.  If you can’t figure your actions out, ask someone to help (such as your Life Coach!)

Here’s to taking Action and moving forward with your life!

Peace and miracles to you!