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    Petite Retreat:
    Restorative Yoga + Essential Oils

    Thank you for being part of my community! So grateful to have you with me. Please enjoy this class as a gift from me to you. 🙂

    About the class:

    • ​It’s 45 min long
    • Beginners are totally welcome
    • If you have oils, bring them! If you don’t, no worries, you can still enjoy it
    • Bring 1-2 firm blankets

    Life Coaching Resources

    Ignite Your Life: The 3 Fundamentals for a Truly Happy Life

    12-page ebook

    Manifesto: Living Your Extraordinary Life


    Yoga Resources

    Yoga Pose Sheet

    Printable: For learning the names of poses.

    Essential Oil Resources

    Essential Oil Basics

    Learn all about these amazing gems of nature…in a nutshell!

    5 Favorite Manifesting Oils

    Enjoy my top 5 (plus a bonus oil) manifesting oils.

    Essential Oils for Sleep