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(Here’s a post from eons ago — 2009 to be exact!.  While not scientifically-based, it helps us understand manifesting and Law of Attraction better.)

What is Vibration

Remember the hippy population talking about someone having “good vibes”?  You know what?  They knew what they were talking about!  We are talking about “vibration” again but what is it exactly?

First we need to take a step back to our high school physics class.  Remember learning that everything is made up of atoms and all of those atoms are moving?  I remember being totally shocked realizing the walls, concrete floor, and even my desk was moving.  It seemed so hard to conceptualize.  What may seem even more amazing is we are made up of those very same moving atoms.  We aren’t solid either.  We are moving.

What quantum physicists have also found is not only are we moving, we are 99.99% energy!  When they looked very closely at atoms, then quarks, then further, they realized that all there was left, at the tinniest level, was energy.  So, our physical bodies, are really vibrating, energy bodies.  The vibration of our bodies gives off energy waves, waves that can be scientifically measured and felt by others.

Now here is where it gets really exciting.  Remember learning that the speed at which the atoms vibrate can change?  If a solid heats up, the atoms move faster.  (If they move fast enough, the object will change its state.  Ice turns to water, water to gas, etc.)  Just like any other object, our vibration changes as well.  Although we don’t change our state, we do change how we feel.  To look at it simplistically, when we vibrate fast, we feel good.  When we vibrate slowly we feel bad.  At the highest levels of vibration, we feel love and deep connection with life.  At the lowest, fear, depression, desperation.


Now What?

Okay, so now you know that you are comprised of many atoms that are moving all the time.  The rate at which they move reflects your “vibration”.  Your vibration level changes all the time as the atoms speed up or slow down and how you feel will tell you how you are vibrating.  The faster they move, the better you feel.

So, what changes your vibration?  Anything that helps you feel good.  In fact, you needn’t even approach good; just feeling better means your vibration has gone up. Here is the catch:  you must feel better on a deep, heart level.  We aren’t talking feel “better” from sitting and gossiping with your friend or drinking a bottle of wine or gorging on junk food.  You need to shift into a more loving energy so your “feeling better” must come from doing something that affects you more deeply. Some ideas may be: eat a good meal, get some fresh air, take a walk, meditate, read something inspirational, call a close friend.  It is different for everyone.

Make a list of 3-5 things you can do quickly to help yourself feel good.  Then do something off the list every day with the purpose of feeling better and pay attention.  How does “feeling better” change how you feel physically?  How you think?  How you react to yourself and others?  How you think about issues in your life?  It is a powerful exercise.


So, What?

Do you get it yet?  Frankly, it took me some time to fully wrap my consciousness around this concept.  It changes how reality is created for you so it can be tricky to accept.  What I am sharing with you is incredibly powerful.  Once you understand vibration, you will always be in control of how you feel.  Your circumstances, environment, people in your life need never affect you again!  You might think I am being far too simplistic.  You might think your life is so challenging, it must be the exception.  NOT SO!!

We can get so stuck either in just accepting how we feel “that’s just the way it is” or in analyzing how we are feeling.  “Why am I feeling this way?”  “What did I do?”  “Why did I do it again?”  Then we reanalyze the situation and then analyze the reanalysis.  We just get stuck in the mental and that is a slippery slope of frustration and often judgment.

When you realize how you feel is merely a vibration, you can “objectify” the feeling and take concrete steps toward changing your vibration thereby changing how you feel.  That is not to say you never need to analyze yourself or assess a situation to make changes.  But working on issues from a higher vibration makes them easier to see, assess, and make changes.  I am sure you have experienced a situation that seems absolutely terrible.  Then after a good nights sleep, a good meal, a bath, exercise, whatever, the situation doesn’t seem so difficult.  You might have even “found” your solution.

Ready to spend more time thinking about what helps you feel good?  In my last post, I encouraged you to find three things that you can do to feel better.  Now it is time to deepen the work.  Add to the list.  Think of things that might take a bit of time to do (e.g. lunch with a friend, a massage, a walk in a nature preserve), even more time (e.g. a vacation, a career change).  Keep your list going.  Have fun with this exercise!  Then get going.  Start clicking through the activities and helping yourself feel good, really good!  You are on your way to feeling better than you have possibly ever!