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Could you use a little residual income? I think we all can, it’s just smart business.  As a Yoga Teacher, I am a firm believer in having passive and residual income sources. I know there are only so many classes I can teach and only so much I can charge for each class AND if I get injured and cannot work, I am in serious trouble.  While I do have quite a few passive income sources (e-books and other products that make me money), those products aren’t truly passive.  I am frequently working on them, updating them, marketing them.  I know I need more and I know we all need more. Wouldn’t it be great to be covered if you desperately needed time off of work??

I have long considered and searched for a company that offered residual income.  Residual income occurs when we “work once, and get paid many times.” 🙂  In other words, it is income that continues to generate itself even after the work has been completed. Sound attractive?

Moreover, I wanted a company that I believed in, that fit into what I was already teaching and that I knew would be around a long time because I want the income to continue until I am well into retirement!

In Comes Young Living Essential Oils!

Frankly, I have used them for 20 years and am a bit embarrassed I didn’t think of it myself! It took a friend’s consistent urging to get me to take the plunge and I will be forever grateful.  My business is building fast and I am not looking back!

Young Living will be celebrating their 20th Anniversary this year, and being part of the booming wellness industry, they have experienced incredible growth last year of more than 140%.

And I’m surfing that wave….FAST! And taking my amazing team along for the ride!


Knock Knock: Do You Hear Opportunity Knocking?

I am currently interviewing a select handful of people who are excited about moving forward quickly in 2014. I am building a strong team that will work together, share ideas, support and inspire each other.

Curious? First, take a moment to consider this. What would you life look like if…..

  • Your annual income was to become your monthly income?
  • You could swiftly get out of burdensome, stressful debt?
  • You were free to finally leave your day job?
  • You wouldn’t have to worry about paying for you kids’ college education or saving for retirement?
  • You could  travel to all of those places you dream about?
  • You could experience that sense of freedom you’ve been yearning for?
  • You could like to take a yoga class and get a massage on Tuesday afternoon….just because you can?
  • You could give generously to causes that are creating the changes you want to see in the world?
  • You were able to leave a financial legacy to your children or a charitable organization?

What if I could show you how to make a significant, stable income within a couple of months of starting?

Benefits of having a Young Living Distributorship:

  • Helping people around the world create lives of wellness, purpose, and abundance
  • Truly unlimited earning potential
  • Join a fabulous, team of people who will inspire you
  • Ongoing support for building your own business
  • “Done-For-You” tools and resources to get you up and running TODAY
  •  Joining a Success Team that will inspire you to THINK BIG and support you in making your dreams a reality
  • Ongoing education on Young Living products, business building, leadership skills, and cultivating a success mindset
  • Opportunities to travel! Everything from visiting the Young Living farms to help with harvests and learn all about aromatherapy, to our annual convention, and even chances to win all-expense-paid trips to luxury destinations!

Benefits of being on MY Young Living team:

  • Business Building Resources: Our team has a whole system with easy to follow done-for-you tools, such as checklists, graphics, documents, audio trainings, weekly live team calls, etc. for you to use as you build your business. No reinventing the wheel here!
  • You can begin your very first month making commissions. (I made a profit my first month.)  How many entrepreneurs can say that!
  • Let us help guide you with EVERYTHING you need to be a major success!
  • Personal Mentorship/Life Coaching: I personally mentor everyone on my team until they are comfortable to take the ball and run with it. Part of my role in this capacity is to help inspire you and grow yourself. And in fact, you can’t grow your business unless you grow yourself. Network marketing has been called “personal growth with a compensation plan.” I’m a skilled coach and leader, and am thrilled to use this expertise to help grow my Success Team.
  • Supportive community: I am building a team in every sense of the word.  We will work together, give each other ideas, support each other past limitations that come up.  Ready to have a community that believes in all you do and knows you can succeed?  It’s right here.
  • Wider Supportive Community: My team is part of a larger, worldwide team. We hang out in our exclusive Facebook clubhouse (private group) sharing resources, supporting each other, and celebrating our successes.


Oh, and all of this is FREE when you are on my team!


Are you ready to have a community that believes in all you do and knows you can succeed?

It’s right here.


My Young Living business is on FIRE andI am looking for people
who are ready to fly with me in 2014.

Laura, what’s the catch?

I am very serious about going to the top. I believe these products are life changing and I want to bring wellness, purpose and abundance to as many people as possible around the world.

I’m on a mission and am only accepting people on my team who hold a similar vision and are SERIOUS about rocking and rolling.

Here are the qualities I’m specifically looking for in new Success Team members:

  • YOU are holistically minded and value enhancing your own and others’ health and wellbeing.
  • YOU are ready and truly motivated to significantly increase your monthly cash flow. (You need to ask yourself this question in all seriousness. Please check-in with yourself and honor if this is the right time for you to dedicate yourself to this endeavor. It is okay to not be ready right now and there is power and wisdom in knowing this.)
  • YOU are ready and willing to commit to 10-15 hours a week to build their business.
  • YOU are “coachable” and thrive on personal development. Meaning, you are open to being mentored by and learn from successful team leaders. If you are not willing to work on yourself, you will not be successful in this business and this is not the right opportunity for you.
  • YOU need to be able to hear constructive feedback, and run with it to make yourself a better person, leader, and earner. You cannot grow a business without growing yourself! This personal growth might range from conquering a fear of driving, to a fear of public speaking, to learning how to let rejection roll off you like water on a duck’s back.
  • YOU are able to make a monthly investment of $100 in Young Living products. This is the only overhead cost to operate a Young Living distributorship. What other business can you start with that low of an investment AND have the potential to earn six or seven figures? And for this investment, you will be enhancing your and your family’s health and wellbeing, as you become ‘a product of the product. (Check with you accountant, but this monthly commitment should qualify as a business expense.)

And, no matter how much money you earn, you will never need to make a larger investment.

If you would like to be considered for a spot on my growing Success Team, send me your name, phone number and email NOW. I am growing fast I have limited spots open in my schedule to mentor new team members.

Of course, I’d love for YOU to be one of them!

You just need to give me your name and email and I will immediately send you your next step!

 I am interested!

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