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#20: Bring More Meaning to Your Everyday: 4 Steps to Find your Core Values

Wednesday, February 24, 10am CST | 11am EST

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Let’s explore 4 steps to discover YOUR Core Values, those qualities that make you uniquely YOU! When we learn what they are, not only do understand ourselves better, we can bring more meaning into our everyday by making sure our Core Values are represented. AND it makes decision making inifinitely easier! I will even offer a FREE workheet download with Values Cards you can use to help you!

I will be sharing about a worksheet that you just may want for yourself to help you with this process. As well as “Values Cards”. You can get it here:

Click Here to Get YOUR Worksheet

So excited about what is coming!!
Be sure you download your OWN manifesto to follow along:
I want MY Manifesto!

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