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Have you ever heard that there are only two true emotions: fear and love, and all other emotions are derivatives of those two? The closer we are to feeling pure love or joy, the closer you are to being connected directly to our Soul, Spirit, Intuitive side, Higher Self, whatever you decide to call it. And, of course, the corollary is the closer to fear we feel, the more disconnected we are from our Spirit. I think we all agree that we make better decisions when we are connected to our Intuitive side and when we are feeling good.

There is a line from a book series I have read to my daughter. It is such a great line and its wisdom continues to resonate with me months after reading it. “Never answer a question from fear.” Hmmm…what a great way to live your life! How about taking it further and never make any decision from fear.  I think of this whenever I have a decision in front of me.  When I feel Good (God), I am feeling love, and I make much better decisions!

There is yet another side to this: Always trust a decision made from a good place.  Often we make our “bigger” decisions, the scarier ones, when we are feeling good.  We have more of a “let’s go for it!” attitude because when we are feeling good we feel our potential and know we are capable of doing it.

Then, when fear sets in, we begin to second guess ourselves.  We pull back, hesitate, and think, “What have I done?”  It is inevitable to feel this way eventually especially when we are growing and working on living a bigger life.  When we are feeling good, we make the bigger decisions and take ourselves farther in ways that will be scary when we fall back into fear. (And you will fall back into fear because that is the nature of life – we rock between love and fear.  Eventually, we will be more in control and be able to spend more time in love and not dive so deeply into fear, but it will happen.)

So, when you feel yourself feeling scared about a decision you have made, reflect on how you felt when you made it.  Were you in a good space? Did if feel good? Did it feel possible for you?  If the answer is yes to any of those questions, trust it. Know that your current space of discomfort is merely fear.  Get yourself feeling better and your perspective will improve.  Guaranteed!