Wondering where I am going here?  One thing I see in my clients (and there hasn’t been a single exception) and, if I’m being honest, myself, is they are either full-on, every minute, working toward what they want, or they aren’t.  There is nothing in between, no gray area.  Either you are constantly working on losing weight, making sure everything you do in a day is “perfect” behavior, or you have fallen completely off the wagon.

No one ever appreciates the little changes, it is all or nothing. (And, yes, I mean every single one of my clients — which is why it has become a musing!)

People, life is all about the gray.  It isn’t about being perfect in all you do. There is no such thing!  Little changes we make are so powerful (and so much more sustainable than the huge, grand gestures!)  When you shift your course one degree, one mile down the road you will be in an entirely new place. Think about it!

What is one change you have been itching to make in your life? Choose something that you have tried to change, but continues to elude you. Chances are you were working on it through grand gestures. Instead, is there a much smaller commitment you can make?

In my community, it is often starting a yoga practice.  Instead of setting your goal at 60 min a day, commit to 5 min. Yes, it counts! Not only that, it will put you in a significantly new place (money-back guarantee!).

So, what is one thing you could do.  I do not care how small it is.  Pick something.  And, you know what? I want to hear what you are doing.  Do you know you are 200% more likely to succeed with an intention if you write it down and 400% more likely to do it if you tell someone.  Tell us!  Inspire us!

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Laura Erdman-Luntz

Laura Erdman-Luntz

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