I once had a student who told me her life was “good enough”.  She said it in such a sad, resolved sort of way, I knew what she was really saying was,

  • “I don’t have the energy to change it.”  or
  • “I am scared to make changes.” or
  • “I don’t think I am capable of changing it.”

If you are settling in a part of your life, is that how you feel?

My guess there is at least one area of your life in which you feel helpless, frustrated and scared.  (It could be your money situation, relationship, career, health.)  But you CAN change it.  Don’t let “good enough” be “good enough” anymore!

Here is where you start: the weakest link.  Find one very tiny thing you CAN change.

It does not matter how small it feels to you.  Making a change, any change, will give you the energy and excitement to make another change.

“Good enough” has another form it takes.  Stay tuned for next week!

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