Life Coaching with Laura

M U S E  U P O N  T H I S

It is only you who can change your life.

It is only you…

  • Who can make changes in your life.
  • Who can help you feel good.
  • Who can let your light shine.
  • Who can release all that is holding you back.
  • Who can truly truly live your Extraordinary Life.

Are you ready?  Ready to take control?  Ready to no longer use “I don’t have time” as an excuse?  Ready to take the reigns of your life?  I invite you to continue exploring the possibilities for 2014 with me as we continue our Great New Year’s Day Countdown!  Let me inspire you to make 2014 amazing!
Second Assignment:  What parts of your life feel out of your control?  (By the way, feeling out of control sounds like, “If only…then I would…”  So, “If only my husband wouldn’t…then I would be happy.”  “If only my job wasn’t so…then I would be relaxed.”  When you say “If only…” you feel out of control.)  What would it feel like to have those areas in your control?  What would it look like?

Feel Good Moment

This one will make you smile.  What an inspirational young man.