Life Coaching with Laura

M U S E  U P O N  T H I S:

Seriously, why not?

Why would we EVER think for an instant what we want to create for our lives won’t work?  Normally what we really want has been done before, we aren’t the first.  Why would we think for an instant we couldn’t create something for ourselves that someone else has already demonstrated as possible?  One of my fave quotes of all time is from George Bernard Shaw:

“You see things; you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say ‘Why not?”

~ George Bernard Shaw

People often think of things that haven’t been done and think “hmmm…maybe…”  I am so crazy amazed and inspired by people who think of things that absolutely no one else has thought of (much less attempted!)

Sky Dive from space:  Really?  Not only did he think of it, he thought, “hmmm…that could work” AND he then did it! I can’t help but think, “Really?”


Painting people:  This art is amazing.  And I mean amazing.  You must watch this video.  I had to watch it twice.


Amazing biker: This biker is so fabulous at what he does.  I still can hardly believe he picked up his bike and thought, “I bet I can jump on fence and ride it.” (I personally love this video, in particular, because it shows him falling in the beginning.  His tricks don’t come easily to him.  He has to work on it.)


The moral:  So what makes you think your idea won’t work?  That crazy idea that makes your heart sing? Come on…try it.  You know what they say, what you regret most is what you don’t try…not what you do.