M U S E  U P O N  T H I S

Do you surround yourself with things that inspire you?

Look around the room in which you spend most of your time.  How does the room leave you feeling? Calm and peaceful? Or chaotic and stressed?

Do you need to take anything away to feel better?  Reduce the clutter?  Get rid of anything that doesn’t feel good.  Look at what is on the walls and the floor, too.  You might have pictures or art that doesn’t feel good or a rug that is worn or doesn’t fit the colors that resonate with you anymore.  What about the color of the walls? Does that feel good?

What can you do to add inspiration to the room?  What would feel good?  You don’t need to make all the changes in one day so let yourself think big.  What do you really want for your space? New wall colors? Different furniture? Artwork? To get rid of half of what you own? 🙂

Be sure that all that you have in your room has either a neutral or truly positive hold on you. If anything reminds you of a hard time in your life or of someone you no longer enjoy, get rid of it!