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M U S E  U P O N  T H I S:

What one change can you make that would transform your life?

(Think small!)

Did I make you take a double take? I hope so! I don’t usually tell people to think small.  But when making changes, it is totally appropriate.  When it is time to make a change, we tend to make sweeping gestures.  We want to make big changes, huge even, and we want to start on Monday or January 1st.  And, if, God forbid, we stray just one tiny action step away from our grand gesture, then all bets are off and we failed.  I know.  I see it all the time as a Life Coach.

But the smallest changes can make huge differences: drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, relaxing, regularly calling a friend to chat, exercising, taking a 5-min break in the morning during work, walking away from your desk at lunch.  The reach of something small is huge — think of the ripples a small stone can make in a pond.  Take a moment, really think about it, what change would make a difference for you? And, it’s okay to think small…

As many of you know, I have been on a bit of a rampage on the whole topic of change.  As a Life Coach, my job is to guide people through change with more ease.  I am surprised how often the change scares them, when change is happening to us all the time.  So, why not make it conscious, deliberate, so we ourselves toward what we want, rather than having change take us by surprise.  (More thoughts on this though are here!)

And join me for my new program: Easy Steps to Make Changes in Your Life.  It’s free and it is easy!  I’m beginning it live with you all this Thursday, September 5.  After that date, you may complete the program as a digital download.  Are you ready?  I know I am!

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