Musing: Embrace Your Desires | Life Coaching with MuseLaura

Yep, embrace ’em. Too often I hear from people that they feel their desires are bad, superficial. The spiritual route is contentment.

I say, yes, AND also explore your dreams!

Manifesting works best when we LOVE where we are (contentment) AND are ready to explore something more!

Enjoy them, explore why you have them, dig deeper. They are the key to what you really want in your life, the clue for your higher self.

The word “desire” comes from the latin, “desiderare” which is made up of two words: de (from, of, etc.) + cider (from the stars). How fabulous is that?

Yep, reach for the stars! That’s what we want to do!

Curious to explore MORE of this idea?

Join me for this radio show/podcast when I discuss it further:

Manifesting: It’s not About the Stuff

F E E L  G O O D  M O M E N T

I love this! Kindness is truly, truly powerful and comes around to us. Enjoy!