Full moon


The moon transmits a powerful energy.  It effects the tides of our oceans, the number of people visiting the ER, and definitely our own emotions.  The energy can also be harnessed to help us with our manifesting!

What do we do at each phase of the moon?

The energies are different at each phase of the moon.  We use each of these phases for something different in our manifesting cycle:

New Moon:  The cycle starts with the New Moon.  At the New Moon, the moon has just finished shrinking (waning) and is at its lowest energetic ebb.  It is just beginning it’s growth back to the Full phase.  At this time, we want to go inside of ourselves, get very quiet, and plan what it is we want.  What do you want to create in your life?  Now is the time to plant your seeds, so to speak.  This time is the perfect time to release something into the world — to birth, if you will.   (You can read more about a New Moon Ritual here.)

Waxing:  As the moon slowly grows in size, the energy builds.  Continue taking the action steps toward whatever it is you are building.  You build your actions as the energy of the moon builds.

Full Moon:  The energy is at its biggest now.  I always think of it almost like an explosion of energy — breaking parts of you off.  It is a time of letting go, releasing, those parts of you that are holding you back from being the bigness that you can be.  So now you want to consciously release whatever you are holding on to that is no longer serving you.  Let it go.

Waning:  Let yourself pull back a bit.  It isn’t time to put a lot out into the Universe.  Slow your work down and begin to turn inward again until the next New Moon which is the crucial time to turn inward.

Full Moon Manifesting | Life Coaching with MuseLaura

Full Moon Rituals:

I like rituals and frequently use them in my life and coaching practice.  The mind needs a symbolic time to release or shift to help you move into a new place and rituals can create that symbolism.   Allow your own Full Moon ritual to be as big or as little as you need.

So, full moon energy is pretty huge.  There is a reason more people end up in the ER on full moons and there is the myth that people go crazy during a full moon, we kinda do!  Instead, we want to consciously direct the energy to something ore positive.

The full moon is an excellent time to release something you need to let go of using the elements.  Water and Fire are the best cleansing elements.

So, here are some ideas for your Full Moon ritual:

  • Check your calendar and set aside the time you want and need for yourself for your ritual.
  • Gather materials:  notebook, pen, candle, matches, fireproof bowl.
  • When it is time to begin, take a moment to center yourself.  Get very quiet, experience your breath, ground your energy by imagining a cord running from your sit bones to the center of the earth.
  • Focus for a  moment on what it is that you want to create.  What is your vision, your dream?
  • Now, think about what you are ready release.  Feel it in your body and mind or imagine it in your life and where it shows up.
  • Write it down on your piece of paper.
  • Light it with your lighter and place it in the bowl.
  • As you watch it burn, consciously release the feeling of it in your body or life.
  • Think of one concrete thing that will be different as a result of this release and write it down.  Think about how you will be in that situation, with that person, whatever. Imagine the new space you are now in.

Optional additions:

  • Use Essential Oils:  use Essential Oils to help with my process.  For Full Moon rituals, I like to have Highest Potential and/or Magnify Your Purpose and then Release or Transformation to help the release process.  (Here is more information about the oils I use.)  I will apply Highest Potential and/or Magnify Your Purpose at the beginning of the ritual on my wrist or in the diffuser to set the intention that this process is for my highest good.  Then I use Release or Transformation just before I do the burning to help with the letting go piece.
  • Take an epsom salts bath to detox and help you release. Better yet, make a jar of epsom salts + oils on the New Moon. I use the oils I used during the New Moon in the salts and let them sit for the two weeks in-between.


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