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The Fear of Change?
What About the Fear of NOT Changing? 


In creating my latest e-course: Easy Steps to Make Changes in Your Life, I tested out several names for it.  I wanted a title that drew people in.  When I finally decided on this one, I had a student remind me that the word “change” itself is scary for people and would probably scare people away.  Yep, I thought, it is.  And I also realized it was high time I changed a few attitudes about change.

Scared of change?  We all are.  That unknown gets the heart pumping, doesn’t it? But not changing can be even scarier.  (What if your life was exactly as it is now five years from today?) I think we’ve all experienced a time when change was imminent, and we ignored it, only to find it was forced upon us eventually in a much more uncomfortable way.

When we are afraid of change, we are like this photo, we have our fingers crossed as if we are hoping things will work out, that we won’t have to do anything conscious, it will just happen.


Change as Growth

But, instead, we need to look at change as a growth process, as something to look forward to, to cherish, to move boldly into.  The fear you might feel?  What if it was excitement?

When I work with my coaching clients (um…and myself, truth be told) and I (ahem, they) feel fear with an upcoming action step they must make, I remind them that as uncomfortable and awkward as the step may feel, NOT changing, staying the same, is way more uncomfortable.  Put your eyes on what you want, your vision, how you want to feel, and then feel the excitement of the action step.


A Little Inspiration for You

I want to share with you one of my favorite inspirational videos.  While I realize change can be scary, there comes a time when our “good enough” isn’t “good enough” anymore and we have to leap past our fears with courage and boldness to live the life we want and deserve.  Watch the video, let it inspire you, and then take your next step — sign up for an Inspirational Break-Through Session with me!