Video #6: How the Frequency of Oils Affects Us

Quick Tutorial:

Vibration + Frequency:  

Let’s start with a super quick tutorial on vibration & frequency. If you aren’t aware of these things, you are going to love this!

Remember learning in school how everything is made up of molecules that move? Liquids, solids, the air, even us.

AND the movement of these molecules can go faster or slower? When we slow the molecules of water down by cooling thtem, they slow down so much, they become solid (ice) or speed them up the become gas (steam).

Our molecules also move and as they change pace, they affect how we feel. The slower our molecules, the more negative we feel, fear, depression, desperation, and the faster they go the better we feel, moving toward love, happiness and bliss.

The pace of our molecules is our vibration and that vibration can be measured (in MHz) and that is our frequency.

How We Affect Each Other:

Here’s where it becomes so much more fun! Two objects can affect each other’s vibration.

If you ring a pitchfork and bring it close to another one, the other one will start to ring.

If you pluck a guitar string the ones on either side start to vibrate.

When two things come together at different vibrations, they can affect each other’s vibration until they become “resonant”.

You can see that best in how you feel with certain people. We all have that “Debby Downer” friend who always leaves us feeling bad. She runs at a much slower vibration so when we spend time with her, our vibration gets a bit (or a lot!) depressed which is why we walk away feeling worse.

And hopefully, you have that friend who makes you feel fantastic. She is so upbeat you can’t help but feel better when you are with her.

Essential Oils:

Why is this important? Because Young Living essential oils have such a high frequency, just smelling them brings your vibration up. (Sometimes I just stick a bottle in my pocket or in my bra.)

Have time to smell an oil?

Yep, I do, too! 

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