Ready for MORE Energy?

Aren’t we all! 🙂 And I have some great info to share with you!

This post is part 3 of a 4-week series I created for ideas on how to boost your energy. Sounds good, eh? If you want to read all the posts and get all the goodies, you can sign up for the full series here: #30DayEnergyBoost.

Enjoy this series for a bevy of suggestions!

Summary Live Stream

Live Stream

You can enjoy this Live Stream I did on the subject, teaching about the 4 tips, or scroll down and read each tip on your own!

Tip #1: Relaxation

Stress. Yep, it’s a doozy. It can sap you of all your energy, wear your body out and force you to depend on adrenaline to get through your days.

In fact, many of us are surviving on what I call “false energy”.
We are tapped out and exhausted, surviving on being able to “push through” the day with caffeine, sugar and adrenaline.

Part of what I wanted to help you achieve with this whole series is to begin to better rest, take better care of our bodies and minds so you could tap into the genuine energy we are supposed to have.


Let’s talk stress a bit. We need it, at least a little, or we will be bored and boredom comes with its own stress levels.

Good stress, or “eustress”, comes from challenging ourselves to step out of our comfort zones; to take chances to stretch and grow.

Most of us have “distress”, stress that is wearing ourselves out from the inside out.

In today’s world, everyone needs a “cope with stress” game plan and especially if you are experiencing a large amount of stress in your life.

This week I will share with you some tips and tricks for reducing stress.

Today let’s talk about a conscience relaxation practice, something that helps reset your mind and body to a calmer place.


  • Physical: Exercise, yoga, hot baths
  • Mental: Meditation, breathing
  • Emotional: Spending quality time with good friends
  • Spiritual: Spending quality time connecting to God/deeper self, whatever that is for you


Here are three of my FAVE apps for helping me relax:

  • 7s Meditation: Yes, 7 seconds. You can set it to go off whenever you need it. A notification banner comes up and tells you what to do for 7 seconds. (Like: “Take a breath. Smile.)
  • Headspace: I think this one is relatively new. I love it. Quick guided meditations for you that build in length as you get more experienced.
  • Insight Timer: If you are a tried and true meditation practitioner or you want to be, definitely check this one out. It is a paid app – and worth every penny!


❤️❤️NOW YOU:

Do you do anything to relax? What works for you? Do you have a favorite app to share?

Tip #2: Exercise + Fresh Air

Moving the body is a powerful way to increase energy levels, especially when that exercise is done in fresh air.

Getting the heart rate up will help you boost your metabolism which not only helps you feel more energy but also burns more calories!

Exercise is a two-fer for this week, because it also helps expel pent up energy, if you are experiencing any stress.

Energy + Relaxation

Yep, all good!


Here is my favorite YouTube channel for exercise:

Fitness Blender: SO MANY videos and a HUGE variety of lengths. I hardly ever use anything else.

❤️❤️NOW YOU:

What kind of exercise do you enjoy? Any resources you can recommend?

Tip #3: Stretch

Shocked by this one, aren’t you?

I sure hope you were sitting down. It’s true, I believe in stretching and if that should take the form of yoga – even better!!

Here’s the thing, stress gets build up in the body, causing chronic tension. That chronic tension then causes us to experience more stress, causing more tension in the body.

See the cycle we create for ourselves?

Stretching is a powerful tool for releasing pent up tension AND it simply feels good. Yoga itself can be your relaxation practice.

So, i want to share with you a simple, desk yoga practice you can do anytime you need a little break from your day, my gift for you!



Where do YOU need more stretching? Where do you keep your stress?

Tip #4: Young Living to the Rescue!

[Note: There is a reason I choose Young Living as a product partner after exhaustive research. There is no comparison when it comes to a natural support for the body. Please contact me directly if you would like to join my private, exclusive oily community. I like to give personalized service! 🙂  Click here for info on Young Living.]

Young Living products can support us this week in two ways: Exercise & Relaxation.

And it is incredibly powerful for both!

Frankly, there are many, many products I could write about here, but I want to be concise. Feel free to contact us for more personalized support!

Let’s look first at help with Relaxation:

  • Ningxia Red: Here it is again. Noticing a pattern? Because Ningxia Red supports the whole body, it is perfect for when feeling stressed.
  • Cortistop: Helps counter the detrimental effects of cortisol in the system.
  • SleepEssence: Helps with sleep AND has essential oils to support the nervous system.
  • Stress Away: Best oil blend EVER. (IMHO!)
  • Lavender: Calming…enough said!


Help with exercise:


Next Step…

Choose an action…

If you have been following me for awhile, you know I am ALL ABOUT doing something. I want to inspire real change, not just “that’s a great idea” but nothing happens.

All I want you to do is choose ONE action from this list. One. Comment below what that one thing is for an even great chance of following through.

And then commit to doing it for at least 3 days. Just 3.

You can totally do that!

Ready? Join me next Monday for Topic #4 for this series!

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