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Do you have a life? | Life Coaching with MuseLaura

A few years ago when I was on one my my international retreats, my then 8 year old son, Zack, texted me about school.  He said he was writing a story about a boy who had a Life.  That single capital letter got me thinking.  Do you have a life or a Life?

Recently I had a client ask me how she could slow life enough to experience her Life.  I understood what she meant.  She wanted more meaning to her day-to-day.  Here were my suggestions for her:

  • Take time to consider the things you do out of rote.  Does anything need to change?  (Do your clothes still fit who you are? Is there clutter you need to clean out? Does your furniture need to be rearranged?)  These little things can make a HUGE difference in no longer doing the status quo, but instead waking you up to be more mindful of each moment.
  • THEN decide what little things you DO want to do regularly, perhaps by rote (in other words, like clockwork).  Are there little things you have wanted to do, to add to your day, to make it more meaningful?  Such as, meditation, reading inspirational things, self-care pieces, etc.
  • Gratitude is also huge, enormous even.  Not only think of what you are grateful for, but FEEL what you are grateful for.  It isn’t enough to write it down.  You need to make it visceral, feel it in your body.
  • In the morning, take a moment to think about your day ahead and think of a way to make it fabulous — what would make this day memorable?  Special?
  • Have a purpose to your life — the Big Dream.  What would help you feel alive because you are working for something bigger than you?  Our Big Dream, whatever it is, is our gift to the world.  Our way of expressing and sharing our gifts.  Whether our gift touches one or millions matters not.  What matter is YOU honor it and live it.

I know these may seem small and insignificant.  Do not underestimate their power.  The point about this whole process is to wake up to the little things.  They will help you feel alive in each moment.