I love, love, love to declutter. In fact, it is a major part of my spiritual growth. How so, you ask?

I find there are a couple of reasons I declutter:

  • When I am stuck somewhere in my life OR
  • When I have just “unstuck” myself somewhere in my life. 

(This video was from when I did a #10DayDeclutter. Definitely need more time so 30 days for this round!)

Being stuck:

First, let’s talk about being stuck. Do you know what I mean by being stuck? I feel it when I am frustrated because I am in the same, not quite ideal, situation I have been in for a long time and I feel like our pet hamster, spinning on his wheel.

Really, we are simply stuck in a consciousness.

Consciousness simply refers to how many perspectives you can see. The more perspectives we can see, the higher our consciousness is. When we can see a new perspective, we are really shifting our consciousness. When you are stuck, you need to see a new perspective.


Let’s explore consciousness:

Let’s explore consciousness a bit — as it refers to decluttering, you are going to love this!

Let’s pretend a tall building represents your consciousness. If you are in the basement, looking out casement windows (those narrow windows at the top of the wall), you will think the world consists of shoes walking by.

When your consciousness goes up a bit, so you are on the first floor, now you see the shoes are attached to people. You can understand why basement dwellers define the world as they do but you have a a higher perspective. But you are still limited and think the world ends at the end of the block.

As you go further up the building, as your consciousness goes up, you see the world with more and more vision. At the top of the building, you even have an understanding of the horizon.

Now, don’t kid yourself, there are times with think we have a higher perspective, but really we are just full of ego and think we are right.

The hallmark of a truly higher consciousness is you can understand, without judgment, why the people below you in the building, with lower consciousness levels, think the world is the way it is. You can see their perspective, understand it, and you can also see why their perspective is limited.

Another hallmark of a truly higher consciousness is the deep understanding that there is more beyond what you know, that there is always another level of growth. Even when you can see the horizon, you know there is even more. There is a strong sense of humility that accompanies a higher consciousness as well as a desire to do what it takes to get to the next level.


Bringing it back to the decluttering.

What does this have to do with decluttering? Our clutter reflects our consciousness. Whether that clutter is in our homes, bodies or minds, it keeps us where we are.

So, going back to where we started, I use decluttering two ways:

  • When I am stuck somewhere in my life: Maybe I have a problem I can’t see my way out of or I have become aware of an unhealthy cycle I keep repeating. Clearing clutter can help me get the fresh energy to have a fresh perspective to stop the cycle and move forward in my life. Of course, when I am stuck is often when I have to force myself to clear the clutter. I will have very little decluttering energy.


  • When I have just “unstuck” myself somewhere in my life: When I have broken through something, I cannot wait to get rid of everything! (My family jokes that they have to stay out of my way for fear I will toss them to the curb!) If you have ever simply craved getting rid of anything and everything, there is a good chance you were letting go of the old energy that represented where you were.


Why Spring?

So, that said, energetically spring is a great time to let go of things. The energy is one of new growth. But we can’t grow anything new if we are still filled up with the old!

You can’t fit in new clothes if your hangers are all filled up with the old.

You can’t bring in new work if your files are filled with the old.

You can’t bring in new ideas if your bookshelves are crammed with the old ideas.

Because with spring we are craving new growth, it is a natural time to desire to get rid of the old.

Ride the energy! Set aside time and get clearing. You will love going with it.