Life Coaching with Laura

In order to take your life to the next level, we need to create some serious inspiration to do this work, a little fire.  We need to cultivate such a deep excitement and desire, it catapults you past your resistance to take whatever action you need to take.  (You know, the avoidance, the procrastination, the running out of time to do what you need to do stuff. Want more about resistance? Read here.)

One of my first steps as a Life Coach is to build your excitement about where you are going.  When you are excited about where you are going, and I mean really excited, the actions become MUCH easier, follow through becomes more effortless, and your life unfolds beautifully.

Often my clients tell me they don’t know what they want.  My answer, “HA!”  Everyone knows what they want, although they could have buried it deep beneath the “I don’t deserve this.” Or “I need to be practical/realistic.” Or “I can’t do that!”

We need to help you access that deep desire, that thing that will get your fire lit!

So, I have three assignments for you to complete to get your excitement up  AND I want to hear from you when you have done them.  (Even if you know what you want, complete the series — you just might uncover something even yummier!)

The first:

Create time for you.  I want you to schedule in time to work on yourself, your dream.  It does not need to be much, but it does need to be purposeful, and regular, time for you to think about you.  10 minutes a day or 10 min a week, whatever.  Just create the time and start.

The second:

One way to break open the flood gates of desire is to sit down and list all that you don’t want in your life with as much detail as you can muster.  Be very clear on all you don’t like.  Write them in a line down a page.  (Having 50-100 things on your list would be appropriate — yep, I want it all.)

Then, cross them off and write what it is you DO want for each one next to it.  It might be the exact opposite of what you don’t want or it might not.  This is called creating clarity through contrast.

Check your “What I Want” list and be sure it is phrased in the positive — what you WANT, not what you don’t want.

  • “I don’t want to be in debt.”  vs. “I want all credit cards to be clear and our savings building fast!”
  • “I don’t want to be overweight.” vs. “I am excited about being vibrant and energetic.”
  • “I don’t want to be sick.” vs. “I love great health!”

From the list of what you want, create a life story from it.  What kind of life would have all of those things in it?  What does a day look like?  How do you spend the bulk of your time?  Where do you live?  With whom do you spend your time?

The third:

I am also attaching a very powerful tool for you.  Please listen and imagine what it is saying.  Is it time to make a change?  YES!

I know you are ready, we just need to light a fire under you and the best fires are those that involve a dream that is wonderful, that makes all the work totally worthwhile.


Frankly, in one of the most challenging times of my life, I found that truly not wanting to be where I was at the time was the initial fire. I so wanted my life to change that I knew I would do anything. While I began there, I found that the more actions I took, the more the life I really wanted began to percolate out.

You know what you want, my dear, we just need to connect you to it.  To know it is possible for you.

I know you are ready.

MuseLaura | Life Coaching and Yoga with Laura