Here are the FB Live Streams I made during this event: 6 Steps for Harnessing the Power of Goal Setting.

Enjoy step by step support to reach your goals!
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Quick tip for you…

Tip #1: Get clean, really clear, on what you want.

This video didn’t record unfortunately. The crux is to be clear on what you want. Make it a tangible thing.

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Tip #2: Bring your heart into it – find the why in your goal!
Tip #3: Tweak your joy by finding a deadline that is perfect for you!
Tip #3 Bonus: Tweak the deadline again to get you super stoked to start!
Tip #4: Break that deadline down into actionable steps!
Tip #5: Amp up your chances for success – Build the confidence you need!
Tip #5: Amp up your chances for success – Feel Good!
Tip #5c: Amp up your chances for success: Visualize your end game
Tip Six: What to do when you hit bumps along the way.
What to do when you “fail”…