YouTube: Balanced Weight in Mountain Pose | Yoga with Laura

Midlife is so challenging – weight gain, low energy, foggy brain, sleep disturbances, mood issues, do I need to go on? Adding to the difficulties, what we need to do to help ourselves changes at this time. It feels like they are a secret!

This video is a bit different than my usual content but crucial for living the life you really want to live so I wanted to share what I’ve learned!

I have a 3-part series for you. I’ve already shared. my own story. Coming soon is how I am resetting each month for the year.


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Here are links I said I would share:
My Perimenopause Story
– Here is the 14-Day Life Reset I am doing each month – JOIN ME!
My Reset Story (Blog Post) – sharing my monthly experience with the reset.



0:00 – Intro to topic
2:16 – Intro to me
3:51 – Tip #1
6:00 – Tip #2
7:44 – Tip #3
10:51 – Tip #4
13:19 – Tip #5
17:11 – Final Thoughts + Next Steps

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