You Need to Know Your Why

Your Why

What is Your Why?

The most important step…really. You need to figure out why you are doing Young Living business.  What is your inspiration? What is your motivation?  What do you want to create for yourself?  We have some resources for you to use:

Dream Visualization:

Let yourself begin by dreaming big.  Enjoy this podcast by me to help you think even bigger about your possibilities!

What is My Dream?

You Need to Know Your Why:  (And so does your upline.)

PLEASE NOTE: This page is by my own upline mentor, Lora Sasiela.  She has it password protected because she gives away an e-book on making a vision board that she sells on her site.  As a part of her team, she would like you to have the book to create your own vision board.  Please do not share the e-book with others unless they are on your team.  The password is:  abundance.

Read this page, watch the video, listen to the podcast and then create your vision.


Your Carrot:

Be sure to have one big carrot that gets you really excited about moving forward in your business.  I mean what is one thing you can hardly wait to be, do, or have as you build your business?  A trip? A cause you can support? A car? New house? Time with your kids?  What is that one big thing you can think about that will bring more umph to your work when you feel it is lagging?

Once you know what it is, email me an image of it.  I maintain a Vision Board with everyone’s carrots to inspire me!


Income Goal:

Did you listen to this two-minute recording on the page above?  If not, do so now and let your upline know the letter you are:

What Type Of Young Living Distributor Are You?

Send Your Vision to Your Upline:

Write out your why and send it to your direct upline (as well as the letter that represents what your income goals are).  Make sure it is huge, exciting, and inspiring for you!

Do something to create a visual of your why — a vision board is amazing.


Do NOT move forward until you have sent this to your upline!