Welcome to our 5-Day Challenge!

Welcome! I am so incredibly excited you have decided to join us. This series is going to be fantastic and I can’t wait to share it with you.

While our official start date is Monday, April 17th, I have a few goodies to get you going beforehand. (Obviously I can’t wait for April 17th!) So keep an eye out in your inbox and in our very special, private community FB group.

Okay, a couple of items to get you started:

  • Make sure gmail isn’t keeping us apart! White List my email: muselanlaura@gmail.com. (Have no idea how? Check out this super quick video: Whitelisting.)

  • Be sure to also LIKE my Facebook Page. Much of what we will be doing will be there!
  • If you want to download the videos I am sharing (you will be able to watch them online or download them for yourself), join my online studio. It is totally free, you just need to register to access the library: Online Studio.

While most of the content for this series will come to you via email and Facebook, I will also be posting goodies on my Pinterest and Instagram channels so if you hang out there, be sure to follow me for more!

First Bonus:  I LOVE freebies so I will be offering you a bunch! Here is your first one: a Pose Cheat Sheet printable. While we won’t do ALL of these poses in 5 days, we will get to a few and you can use this sheet for reference.

Pose Cheat Sheet Printable

Get yourself excited! We begin SOON!

Peace & miracles,


PS The more the merrier! Please share this series with your peeps. YOU will have more fun and we will get yoga into even more homes — all good!

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