Visioning and Goal Setting

goal setting

Visioning and Goal Setting for Your Young Living Business

Ready to create a Big Vision for yourself and set goals to reach it??  Enjoy this series.

Have a journal or piece of paper ready and print the following worksheets:

Young Living Annual Goal Setting

Young Living Monthly Goal Setting

Here are three recordings for you to listen to and do the exercises.  Just scroll over the left edge of the bar and click, it should begin playing.  You can also click on the second link and it will take you to another page.

Listen to this recording first – Getting Your Vision and Setting Annual Goals:


Young Living: Visioning and Goal Setting Part I


Listen to this recording second – Setting Monthly Goals:


Young Living: Visioning & Goal Setting Part II


Finally, Resistance anyone? Listen to push past whatever is holding you back:


Young Living Series: Resistance

Let me know how I can support you in achieving your dreams!