Upping Your Inviting Skills

Invitation - Rose Cover

These thoughts come from Christi Collins, an invitation guru!

Problem #1: Inviting by email, text, Facebook only.

Solution: Pick up the phone and call to follow up all electronic invitations or send actual invites in the mail. Treat your gatherings like significant, important events – she talks about the specialness of wedding invitations and about the difference between texted birthday messages versus phone calls and off-key singing into voice mail. Even if you don’t normally call – call! Especially because you don’t usually call!

Problem #2: Failing to get people engaged and excited – if we just say, “I’m having an oil gathering” – it’s not compelling.

Solution: Before you next invite – ask the question, Do I know why this person would want to come to this event or join me on a PPP call – if you don’t know the answer, there is a gap, and you want to go back to step number one, connection. You need to learn more about them before you reach out.

Look at your list and ask yourself – do I know how to make them feel special with this invitation and do I know what’s in it for them? If not, connect more and learn more.


Summertime oils call (and any other monthly call) – connect with folks about bug bites, ticks, what you’re doing – find out whether they have a pain point around the summer stuff – traveling, having kids home for three months, etc, etc…I hear you, that bug bites are making your life miserable – don’t know if this would be of interest – I’m having an introduction to essential oils gathering at my house and I think it might be great for you to help you with this issue.