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Let’s study Tadasana (Mountain Pose) this month!

Here are some Study Points for you.  Feel free to add more ideas in the comments.
You can also add your responses to these points:

  1. Play with where you have the weight in your feet.  Are you truly balanced on the four corners?  (I recently realized I wasn’t using the fornt corner of my right foot.  Sound obscure?  When I started to use it fully, it released my left hip.  Pay attention — there is more to learn!)  Check out this video for a fascinating insight into Tadasana (video is less than 2 min. You have time!).
  2. Do you feel the frontside of your body equally to the backside?  If not, can you create balance?
  3. While standing in the pose, pay attention to what you feel.  Do you have a sense of your feet?  Your calves?  Your belly?  Can you create an awareness for all parts of your body?  The “Deepening Your Pose” video on this pose takes your through creating more feeling.
  4. Here is a post I wrote on making a stronger Tadasana by fully engaging your feet.  Includes a video on a series for building Personal Strength.

If you are a teacher, challenge yourself to teach this pose in each class this month.  Can you find something new to teach (and learn)?