Yoga pose of the month:  Let’s study Savasana (Corpse Pose) this month!

Here are some Study Points for you.  “What?” you say?  “Study Points for Savasana?  It is simply lying down!”  If this sentiment reflects what you just thought, here is your month to find out so much more!  Feel free to add more ideas in the comments as well as add your responses to these points:

  1. First — a challenge!  Do this pose every day for the month of December — yes, every day.  If you don’t already, now is the time to begin.  The benefits to this pose are simply huge and something I will cover in a future post this month.
  2. Play with how you support yourself in this pose and how it affects your Savasana.  When you have no supports (lying flat) how do you feel?  When you have a lift under your head and/or your knees, how do you feel?  Is one variation more appropriate at certain times than another?
  3. For one Savasana, make sure one hand or foot is just barely touching something (your blanket or strap or anything).  Notice how that affects your relaxation.
  4. Savasana is conscious relaxation, when we ride the line between consciousness and sleep — how well do you do?  Do you tend to fall asleep?

If you are a teacher, challenge yourself to teach this pose in each class this month.  (Hopefully you already do!)  Add this component:  Can you find something new to teach (and learn)?