Did you know…

…it takes 15-17 minutes for the body to relax? It is then that Savasana really begins…

…your hands and feet must be warm for your body to relax?

…the room must be darkened?

…there are three stages of Savasana:
1. Physiological relaxation
2. Pratyahara — When you are no longer distracted by your senses.
3. Ashunya — You only know you have achieved this after the fact. You have a feeling of having “returned” from somewhere. Your teacher maybe had to “wake” you but you know you weren’t asleep.

…Savasana is the MOST important of all the poses and

…I suspect the one most skipped…

…Savasana will help reset your nervous system barometer to a slower level. (In other words, it helps you relax.)

…Savasana helps you reset old patterns, physiological, emotional, mental, spiritual, you name it!

…Savasana helps you absorb the benefits of your practice.

…can be done anytime, not necessarily right after your asana session. Do it right before bed!