When our students have an injured place in their body, they hold their body in an imbalanced way as a result.  Initially the imbalance is necessary, it keeps the injured place safe so it can heal.  But the longer the injury lasts, the more the imbalance becomes habitual rather then necessary.  I am sure you have experienced a student who stands as if she is pregnant and her youngest is 18 or someone who favors one leg in Tadasana and realizes it is from a sprained ankle he had ten years earlier.

When we have an imbalance, whether from a real current injury or an old habitual one, we are not allowing energy to flow evenly.  Our body “skips” over areas of tension or injury (again whether it is current or habitual.)  Our brain has literally begun to see the imbalance as balance.

We need to retrain the brain to see the body as balanced so the energy can flow again and balance can be restored.  An easy and very powerful way you can begin to affect their injury is to have them envision balance in Savasana (Ending Relaxation Pose). Have them imagine their sides as feeling equal. Have them imagine their breath flowing equally through both sides as well.

You can also guide them to begin the process of no longer seeing the injured side as the “bad” or “injured” side. The more they can see the sides as equal, the faster a healing can occur.  I have used this technique often in my own practice.  It is indeed powerful!