10 Reasons Why Network Marketing Rocks

It’s not just good – it’s AWESOME!

So stay tuned, I’m about to blow your socks off.

You see, I truly believe it and by the end of this post, there is a good chance you will also think it rocks.

I know there are mixed messages about Network Marketing (NM) out there, from it’s a “pyramid scheme” to “oh, no, she drank the kool aid”.

Here’s the thing, I was one of the “creepy, pyramid scheme” people – I couldn’t imagine myself doing it. But the friend sharing the company with me was someone I trusted, especially in financial matters, so I dug more deeply.

I found out that everything I had heard about Network Marketing was wrong. It was just icky companies being equated with the entire business model. Not only did I stop seeing network marketing as “creepy”, I truly see it as the best business model out there – and, yep, it rocks!

I am going to share with you the TEN reasons why Network Marketing rocks – I’m sure some will be a surprise – maybe even all.

Really, there is a reason your friends are doing it! If you are hesitant, they just might see something you don’t.

You don’t have to say, “yes” to it, but you do want to be sure
you really know what you are saying, “no!” to.

I am willing to bet it is better than you realize.

Reason #1: Network Marketing (NM) is Simply Grassroots/Word-of-Mouth Marketing

That’s really what NM boils down to – friends sharing with friends.

Often NM companies choose this business model specifically because their product is so amazing, it’s best shared mom to mom, dad to dad, friend to friend, coworker to coworker so people can share personal stories.

I know that is true for my company – and I totally get it!

Reason #2: NM is a Brilliant Business Model

I think the most common misconception around Network Marketing is the business model.

Frankly, I think it’s the smartest model out there.

Stick with me here.

It’s cooperative – the only way I succeed is by helping those under me in the organization succeed.

AND I love that my own order, and all the work I do supporting my community is supporting my friend’s small business.

AND I know the people in my organization feel the same way. I do so much for them, they like knowing their purchases help me support my family.

3: It’s a “Pyramid Scheme”. 

Pyramid Schemes

Come on, you know you’ve thought it, so let’s just get this one out of the way quickly.

A pyramid scheme is an illegal business structure that was big in the 80s. The basis was buying into something without any product. 

It is illegal.


Network Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing is not a pyramid scheme. It is a perfectly legal business structure.

AND it is closely monitored by the FTC. Some NM companies have been closed because they broke the rules.

It wasn’t NM that was the problem, it was those companies.

Reason #4: It’s a Home-Based Business:

Network Marketing - home-based business

Everyone needs a home-based business.

Full Stop.

I think if there is ANYTHING we have learned over the past couple of years, we all need a secondary income and a home-based business.

Global pandemic aside, home-based businesses are also helpful to save on taxes. You can save literally hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars even if your business is very part-time. 

AND network marketing makes the perfect home-based business!

Reason #5: Network Marketing supports small businesses.

Really, it doesn’t get any better than that!

When you buy from a friend, you are supporting them. You are supporting their family.

Yes, there is a larger company behind them that you are also supporting, but remember two things:

– That company has made it possible for your friend to start their own company, to be an entrepreneur and be there own boss. That company created a great product, a great back-office experience, marketing and more that your friend does not need to deal with. (Believe me, that is AWESOME!)

– There is ALWAYS another, larger, company a small business is supporting – a landlord, production supplies, office supplies, even Facebook if you are placing ads there. 

Reason #6: Network Marketing is a dream business for entrepreneurs.

Benefits of Network Marketing

Ever toyed with starting a business but don’t know where to start?

Or don’t want the risk involved? (The initial investment into my Yoga studio was more than $100k.)

Let’s look at a few reasons why network marketing is the perfect home business. (And there are more – but they are so good, they deserved a separate section!)

While all of these are dependent on the company, you will need to do some research, all of these are true with my company.

  1. Low start up (or none): Some companies have large initial investments, but most do not. Young Living has a $30 business kit you need to purchase.
  2. Profit first month:  I did. It’s easier when company’s have Fast-Start Bonuses – an extra bonus when someone signs up.
  3. No commitments: You can quit anytime.
  4. Dabble…walk away…dabble some more – even better, you can quit, come back, quit, come back, take a sabbatical, come back. See what I mean?
  5. Low overhead – My Yoga studio was $12k a month. My NM company? $100 – and that’s for products I use anyway and would be buying them somewhere else – supplements, shampoo, lotion, makeup, household cleaners.
  6. No expensive education needed. No law school, med school, graduate school AND the business training is often free, it’s something people in your company do for you because, if you succeed, they succeed.
  7. Level playing field– anyone can truly succeed. Unlike a corporation with the CEO at the top and the janitorial staff at the bottom with no hope of making it to the top, anyone can make it to the top in NM.
  8. Leverage: Here’s why residual income is better than passive income. When you create a product such as a book that you will be selling for years to come, you always need to be marketing it. As soon as you stop, sales will plummet. Once you have built your NM business, you will have people who are still building even when you are not. Your business can continue to even GROW when you step away. (Note, you do need to do the work first but that’s true of any passive/residual income opportunity.)

Reason #7: Can offer extraordinary wealth in a relatively short amount of time.

10 Reasons Why Network Marketing Rocks

You really can make a lot of money in a relatively short period of time. While it’s not necessarily “quick cash”, a solid 5-8 years and you can have a significant income.

I made it to 4 digits after one month of diving in.

I made $50k last year, and I didn’t really do much. I am on track to double that this year. Yep, double in a year. I like that kind of raise!

I think that is extraordinary.

You can learn more about the income potential here.

Reason #8: In biz for yourself but not by yourself

10 Reasons Why Network Marketing Rocks

For solopreneurs, this is music to our ears.

We are used to toiling by ourselves.

In NM, your business is yours. You make what you put into it.

BUT you have a community to help you learn and train and to cheer you on.

Our community is close-knit AND we have a ton of educational material for you to use building your business.

9: It’s a cooperative model

You know what? This is the one that pushed me over finally. This model is cooperative.

My friend, also a Yoga teacher said, “That feels so Yogic. You aren’t competing with your community, you need to cooperate. You succeed by helping them succeed.”

I like that.

10: You are building RESIDUAL INCOME 

Benefits of residual income

Y’all, I saved the BEST for last. Really, it’s what makes NM so incredible – residual income.

Once you build up your organization, you have people under you still building even if you take a break. And you earn an income from their building – just as the person who enrolled you earns from your work.

AND this income continues – through retirement. IF you don’t have a solid retirement plan yet, be sure to find a company you know will be around and you are set!

AND, for some companies (it’s true for mine), the income can be willed to dependents when you pass away. Yep, willed.

So, what do you think?

Want to learn more?

10 Reasons Why Network Marketing Rocks

My community is moving into business training next month and we would love to have you be a part!

All you need to do is purchase the business kit. You can start there and then contact us to help you choose the right products to get started on your own wellness journey with Young Living.