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I so enjoy doing product reviews, letting people know about the great things that are out in the world.  Please review my guidelines before sending me your product.

Product Review Includes:

  • Post with links to your product sales page. I write about my own experience with product and send them to your website to learn more about the product.
  • Highlight in my eNewsletter.
  • One post on Facebook and Instagram (I just started over with my Insta so not a big following there, but FB is huge). (I often do more. I enjoy posting when I receive the product, when I am using it, once I post the review, etc. I guarantee one post with your hashtag.)
  • I love to revel in the products in my Stories on both FB and Insta.

Products I will review:

  • Products that support a yogic or conscious lifestyle.
  • I generally do not review books.  If you think your book is simply amazing and I would totally love it, contact me.  I just might do a review!

People I want:

  • I am looking to support small businesses and people who are passionate about what they do.
  • While I prefer people who do small productions, I will review products of you are a regional distributor of a more mass produced product that is crazy awesome.

Review Guidelines:

  • Contact me first to see if your product is one I will review.
  • If the product is accepted, I will add you to my editorial calendar and give you a publication date.
  • Send me a product sample to:
    • 16774 Terrey Pine Drive, Eden Prairie, MN 55347
  • The focus of my review is more personal interest — I want to know what makes YOU rock and why you are so excited about what you do.  (Don’t worry, the product will also sing!)
  • I will not write a negative review.  If I do not like your product, I will let you know why, but I will not post anything.  (FYI: This situation has never occurred!)
  • Giveaway:  Periodically I offer giveaways to my readers.  If you would like extra promotion around your product review, discuss this option with me.

What I need:

  • Once I have received the product and approved the review, I need a few items from you to publish my review:
    • Digital, high-resolution product photo and one of you:  Please supply me with a professional photo.
    • Send me a bio of you:
      • Questions to answer in your bio:
        • Tell me about your product.
        • Why did you decide to create this product?  What gave you the idea?
        • Why are you passionate about it?
        • Tell me about your life dreams.  What do you want to do with this product?  What do you see happening as a result of it.
        • Any other relevant, fun story?

I look forward to learning more about your passion!

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