Video #1: Intro to the process

Each step going forward has a  Life Coaching video and then a supplemental video that shares yoga tips and essential oil suggestions for helping you take that step more deeply. Watch the video to give you ideas ad apply them particularly if you are struggling with that step.

For example, if you are having a really hard time dreaming, you may want to apply the dreaming practice for a few weeks or even months to help you open up to even greater things in your life.


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Step #1: Reflecting on the Past Year

Step #1: Tips on Reflecting on the Past Year

Step #1: Yoga + Essential Oil Supplement

Step #2: What’s Your Dream?

Step #2: Tips on DREAMING

Step #2 and #3: Yoga + Essential Oils:

Step #3: One Year from Today?

Step #3: What do you want one year from today?

Step #4: Actions & Goals

Step #4: Tips for Creating Actions & Goals

Step #4 & #5: Yoga + Essential Oils Supplement

Step #5: Schedule

Step #5: Tips on Scheduling Actions

Bonus Step: Appreciating Your Life

Bonus: Tips on Appreciating Your Life

Bonus: Yoga + Essential Oils for Appreciating Your Life

Bonus Step: Now GO!

Step #6: No, Go!