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Manifesting on the Mat: New Moon | Life Coaching with MuseLaura


Manifesting on the Mat:  New Moon Manifesting

Ready to put some attention and intention into your life?  How about each month!  The New Moon is a powerful time to set new intentions in your life (you can read more here) and you can join me each month to do it together!

Each month you will receive an email, reminding you of the upcoming New Moon.  I will also share the astrological theme of the moon so you can begin thinking about what intentions you would like to make for your next month.

I will offer a yoga class on my online studio near the New Moon to help you not only set your intentions, but take them to the yoga mat to our yoga practice.  Sometimes class will be live (when the New Moon lands on an evening I am free!) and other times it will be a video.  (Regardless, there will be a video for you.)

I will share with you the astrological meaning of the moon and we will literally do our intention setting during class.

Kinda sounds like fun, eh?

The eNews is free and there is just a small fee for the class.  You can choose to do it or not, it’s all good!

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