Life Coaching with MuseLaura


Really, think about it. Based on what you dreamed last week. What do you want your life to be like by December 2016? What part of your dream do you want to be complete in one year? What would feel good? What would make your life more satisfying? What area in your life needs more time and energy? What might need less?

Take a moment to think about it. Use the time as you commute to work or just before going to sleep to dream about what you would like to be able to say about your life next year as you step into 2017.

Let yourself dream and hope and get excited and think big. Let yourself know you deserve more and bigger and awesome!

Oh, and how much is too much to ask for? Watch this week’s Feel Good Moment for an little inspiration…

Feel Good Moment

This is the best video ever. Not only does it feel good to watch, there’s a great lesson in it for you!