Monday Morning Musing: What do you REALLY want?

Musing: What do you really want? | Life Coaching with MuseLaura

Here it is again. Those of you who have been my readers for years know this one comes up at least once a year. Frankly, I think we should review it at least that often. We are far too likely to keep going with a less than satisfying status quo, putting up with a “Good Enough” that might be mediocre at best.

What do you really want? And I mean in your heart of hearts? Look into a place you maybe don’t allow yourself to hang out and ask yourself this question! Look at all the areas of your life and think “What DO I really, really, really, really want in my relationships? Career? Money? Health?” Let yourself dream…and then reach for it.


F E E L  G O O D  M O M E N T

This #FeelGoodMoment was sent to me by a reader. I love it. If you are feeling nervous about the way the world is going with the youth of today, you must watch and let yourself feel good. Enjoy!

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