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M U S E  U P O N  T H I S:

Periodically, look around at your life & whisper, “thank you”, with a gentle glance upward.

We are entering the Thanksgiving season here in the States, my favorite holiday. (Anything focused on food and gratitude is a Good Thing in my book!)  I find it is a delightful way to enter the craziness of this holiday season, with gratitude rather than a sense of obligation and a soupçon of expectations. Let’s take some time to feel the gratitude this season is about.  This photo was taken by me at dawn on Thanksgiving Day last year.  I have not doctored it at all and I took it with my phone.  Spectacular. I looked around at my life and whispered “thank you” with a gentle glance upward.

Tune in next week.  I have a special thank you gift for you all!



This week’s Feel Good Moment is a special video I have watched several times.  It is longer than the traditional videos I usually share.  It is worth it.  Watch it.  Watch it again.  Share it with family and friends.  Feel your own gratitude swell.  Watch it now.

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