Love Links

love links

Just have to share all that I love with you!

(I keep adding all the time! Keep checking back.)

(If you are a Yoga Teacher, I have resources specifically for YOU here.)

Apps: I am a bit of an Apple product junkie.  I so love my iPhone and iPad!

  • AppsGoneFree:  LOVE this one!  Each day it releases 6-7 apps that normally are for a fee, for free.  I have been introduced to so many apps through this one — and they’re free!
  • Temple: You can track 3 different daily goals & add to it thruout the day. I’m tracking H2O, fitness, practice.  What I totally love about it is it supports my “everything counts” philosophy.  Each stretch, each swallow of water.  It isn’t an all or nothing thing.



  • Life Bottle:  You. Must. Buy. This. Really.  This bottle is crazy amazing.  It transforms any water you put
    Life Bottleinto it into the purity of mountain spring water.  Yep, I mean it.  Have you heard of Masaro Emoto?  He has done some amazing things with water, transforming it through meditation, positive imagery, etc.  Ned, the Life Bottle creator, has used this technique, putting powerful symbols on his bottle, to create a truly powerful vessel.  You can read more here and buy one for yourself…and your spouse…and your dog…and your neighbor.  Yes, it is that good.  (I reviewed this product, too.  Read Review.)
  • NadiFlow: My yoga clothes supplier of choice. I love, love, love these peeps. I love their clothes, their philosophy, their views, you name it.  Check them out today! (I reviewed them, too.  Read Review.)