Manifesting on the Mat: Saying YES to Life


Life Coaching + Yoga = Magic

Ready for a powerful, inspiring weekend?

Ready to take your life to a new level?

Ready to leash the power of yoga to effortlessly create change in your life?

Let’s take manifesting to our Yoga Mat!

Laura has finally adapted her powerful program:

Five Steps (Plus One) for Living Your Extraordinary Life

into a yoga program series.

Now you can work on your manifesting through the physical & energetic power of yoga.


Ready to take your life to the next level?  Ready to do it on all levels of your being?  Life Coaching is an incredibly powerful and transformational tool, but it only uses on level of our being, our minds.  When we take each concept to the yoga mat and apply them to our layers, our energy and physical bodies as well as our higher minds, our transformation becomes faster and more complete.

In this powerful series, we will investigate each of the steps of the Five Steps (Plus One) for Living Your Extraordinary Life. First we will apply in in a Life Coaching manner through lecture, discussion, and workbooks.

Then we will take each step to our yoga mat.  We will explore each step through the physical body (asana), the Higher Mind (visualization/meditation) and the energy body (breathing).  Working on manifesting on all levels of our beings, not just our cluttered minds, brings about your dreams much faster!

Our yogic exploration will include Personal Strength (the crux of manifesting) to help us Ask for what we truly want, Believe it is possible, and take the Right Actions we need to take.  We will also use be exploring Receiving, Letting Go, Surrender, and the power of Gratitude (or Appreciation, as those of you who taken the course know I prefer).

Imagine doing restorative yoga around Receiving, Letting Go, and Surrender!

Each of these topics can be investigated individually as well.

Weekends can begin with an inspirational talk on Friday night and restorative yoga session to set the transformational tone.

The weekend will be powerful indeed!

Contact Laura directly to discuss bringing this powerful series to a studio near you.