Client Success Stories

Client Success Stories

People often ask me what my clients do in their work with me.  Basically, I work with clients to uncover what it is that they truly want in their lives and then we create a path to get there.  People come to me because they are searching for something more.  They desire to feel more fulfilled, satisfied and connected to something deeper within themselves.  They often have wonderful lives and they are seeking to make them extraordinary.  The key to finding the fulfillment they seek is uncovering their inner-most dreams and values which have been buried deep beneath layers of fear and negativity.  Often, these are dreams that they haven’t thought of in years, and if they have tried to surface, they are quickly disregarded as being impossible at this time in the individual’s life.  I often hear new clients refer to these dreams as things they would “love to do, but . . .” (“I would love to travel the world, but…”  “I would love to retire early, but…”  “I would love to be a stay-at-home mom, but…”  “I would love to work less and make more money, but…”).  My job is to assist clients with the process of chipping away at these “yeah, buts” which limit their possibilities in life, and then coach them to their dream life.

There are so many benefits to finding your dream life!  It is your dream life because it is based on your real purpose for being here, and on your values.  Living in line with your true purpose and values makes life infinitely more satisfying and peaceful.  When you are content in life you are more connected to your inner self, that part of you that is content all the time regardless of the circumstances.

Sometimes, the assistance that I provide clients just takes them a few steps toward living the life of their dreams.  Regardless, taking these first steps helps alleviate some of the fears they’ve been facing and takes them just that much closer to being connected to their higher self.  It works!  Read what just a few of my clients have done while working with me:

  • An overworked, independent contractor began to work 40% less and make 50% more.
  • A very unhappy, stay-at-home mom became an incredibly grateful and joyful mom.
  • Realizing her heart’s desire, one client moved past her fear that her family couldn’t afford for her not to work, and became a stay-at-home mom.
  • One client transitioned from draining corporate job into blissful self-employment.
  • An unhappy corporate employee quit her job to work for herself, only to find that it wasn’t what she wanted.  Within two weeks of discovering it wasn’t a good fit, her dream job fell into her lap!  I frequently hear, “What if it isn’t what I want?”  I say, work for what you think you want, and if it isn’t right, you will quickly learn and be able to move on to what it is you do want.  The benefit for this particular client was that if she had taken the “dream job” before she tried working on her own, she would still be dreaming of working on her own and would not  have been content where she is now.  It is okay to discover that what you thought was your dream, really isn’t your true dream afterall.  Discovering this merely helps you refine what your dream really is and it allows you to let go of what you used to think your dream was.
  • An unhappy, money-seeking executive relaxed around money only to find it then began to fall into his lap.
  • A disorganized, frustrated mother became a highly-organized, clutter-free mom, which in turn helped her to find focus and joy in every day.
  • An incredibly dissatisfied government worker, still a decade to retirement, began taking regular vacations.  The vacations were a huge step for her and made such a difference in her life.  I still, 10 years later, receive a postcard from her from each of her vacations thanking me!  They are a highlight for my year.
  • An unhappy woman discovered her true values and began to apply them to her work and her home life.
  • A woman fearful around money began to trust and manifesting great wealth for herself.
  • A woman who wanted to enjoy food was able to relax her control of food and began to enjoy the nourishment it brought her.
  • An unhappy stay-at-home mom was able to find inspiration and joy in her life.
  • A woman, already doubting the solidity of her marriage, was also faced with a major life change when her husband was offered the job of his dreams in a different state.  She discovered her values and realized her marriage and the move fit with her values.  When the time came, she joyfully decided to take a leap of faith and proceed with the move.  This in turn created a new sense of partnership and trust between her and her spouse, and she recently referred to herself as “very happily married!”

Are you ready to add your own success story to my list?

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